HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the foundation upon which the entire Internet is built, so you could say that it is pretty important for web developers such as ourselves.

It is now in its 5th rendition, known as HTML5, which is a completely different beast to its predecessors.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is basically an add-on for HTML.

HTML defines the structure of the element on the page, and CSS determines how these elements look.

What Is HTML5?

HTML5 is such an advancement in the development of HTML that most people agree that it is far more than just a continuation.

It is a whole new platform that is used to create everything from web pages to graphics to web tools.

HTML5 has numerous advantages that it brings to the table and any web designer or builder worth their salt will use this markup language.

Advantages of HTML5

  • New tags and attributes for easier developing and more advanced elements
  • Structuring tags to break up pages (header, footer, section, nav)
  • Faster loading speeds for webpages
  • Tags for audio and video elements included in markup
  • No need to connect third-party extensions to a web browser to play media elements
  • Synonyms and regular expressions in tags for easy and understandable coding
  • Figure tag enables caption use for images, video, charts and more
  • Vector-based drawing within a webpage using the SVG element
  • Gradients can be used to display 2 colour combinations in number of different ways
  • Animations and transitions can make a webpage come alive

What Is CSS3?

CSS3 compliments the structure laid down in HTML5, and tells the webpage how to appear visually.

CSS3  can really help a website just jump off the page and make a nice visual impact on viewers.

CSS3 is the third version of Cascading Style Sheets, and it has advanced a lot since the previous generations, bringing with it a number of improvements.

Advantages of CSS3


HTML5 For Modern Websites

HMTL5 & CSS3 is a revolution for modern website design.

It is absolutely fundamental in creating sleek, responsive websites that people find a joy to use.

Every website we make uses HMTL5 at its core, and our in-house designers use row upon row of custom CSS3 to make sure your website not only looks great, but also performs well.

Frequently asked questions

All of our websites are created with HTML5 and CSS3 at the heart of their design.

Simply put, HTML5 is the best way to make modern, responsive websites that improve user experience and functionality.

We take a mobile-first approach to all of our website builds, ensuring that your site looks perfect on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Depending on the requirements, we may take up to 4 weeks to design and build a new website.

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