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PPC (or pay per click) adverts are the eye catching snippets of information that appear at the top of every search platform’s results page. When utilised correctly, healthcare PPC can be one of the most profitable marketing channels.

Our granular strategy ensures that your PPC adverts are both measurable and adjustable so they can perform to their maximum potential, on both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

As an experienced healthcare PPC agency, we carry out thorough research of each search term and the corresponding market trends. This helps us design focused PPC campaigns to help you reach your business goals by pointing all relevant parties in the direction of your website.

Having worked with national hospitals, private clinics and health tech start-ups, we have amassed a wealth of varied knowledge across the healthcare sector. This industry insight enables us to customise every medical PPC campaign according to the unique requirements of each client.

Why Use A Healthcare Specialist Agency

Unique Industry Insight

With over 8 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we can provide you with expert insight into how best to manage your PPC account. Through our comprehensive industry knowledge, we know how best to create and fine-tune campaigns that will help your company grow.

Campaign Experience

Our team of medical PPC experts excel in running campaigns that are structured to increase visibility and improve conversion rates. Whatever your business objectives may be, we are experienced in personalising campaigns that help you reach targets while effectively managing budget.

Medical Knowledge

Our depth of knowledge within the medical sector gives us the ability to hone in on the top performing keywords for each campaign. With extensive knowledge of industry trends, we can optimise advert terminology to ensure that both search and display adverts strike the right tone.

Understanding Patients

A key component of our campaign creation process is understanding how patients act when seeking a healthcare provider. Having knowledge of the patient journey, from initial search, to booking a consultation, allows us to mould each PPC campaign around what it is that customers are actually searching for.

How Effective is SEO for Healthcare & Medical Businesses

Wondering how SEO can help your Healthcare & Medical Business? Here is how:

Increase Visibility

Most people don't go past the second page of Google. Therefore it is important to rank your page on the first page of Google to make your brand visible. If your website is not ranking high, you will miss the traffic and a lot of potential customers as a result.

Make an Impact

With increased website traffic, you will have more conversions resulting in more sales for your business. Our digital marketing plan includes SEO strategies, market analysis, and improvement to boost your business. Our strategies are designed to specifically cater to medical and healthcare businesses to get the best results.

Reach the Top

We incorporate high-ranking keywords into our client's website to rank their page in the top results of the search engine. This will help people find your business with simple searching terms. Since your business will have organic reach, it will make it appear more authentic in the search engine's algorithm.

Build Trust

As mentioned before, more organic traffic will make your brand appear more authentic and credible. Since your brand will be recognized as trusted by the visitors, Google's AI will also trust your website as a credible source of information and services, which is an absolute must for companies in healthcare.

Data And Results Driven

“We’ve been working with Brian for over a year now and he has transformed our online business. He’s got our website up at 10,000 sessions per month which is about double where we were last year. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”
– Dr Darren McKeown

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Your Healthcare PPC Campaign

Given the complexities of running a healthcare PPC account, there is a good chance that some elements could be improved. By allowing us to perform a PPC audit on your account, we can outline what is working well and what isn’t, to ensure that your account is healthy.

We leave no stone unturned. Our PPC audits are thorough and analytical, resulting in advice on how best to optimise your advert performance. An effectively executed audit of your PPC account is the first step towards generating new leads for your healthcare business.

The purpose of PPC advertising is to put your healthcare brand in front of parties who are most interested in what it is that you offer. By specifying which adverts land with particular target segments, we can make sure that your content lands with those that you want to target and avoids those that you don’t.

Whether through geographical location, gender or age, each healthcare PPC campaign that we create has the target market firmly in mind. By increasing the relevance of each advert group, you will cut out weaker clicks and ultimately see an improvement in interaction rates with your website.

There is no use in optimising the positioning of an advert if it ultimately won’t entice your target audience to interact. Our team of creative writers specialise in formulating ad copy that draws attention for all the right reasons.

Crisp, accurate, to the point. We strive to create ad copy that not only grabs attention but stays true to each client’s brand ethos. In doing so, prospective customers are given a more accurate depiction of the website behind the ad and therefore increase the likelihood of encouraging meaningful interactions.

When it comes to PPC, launching the campaign is just the start of the process. We always endeavour to improve campaigns as they progress, assessing performance and identifying new avenues through which we can optimise results.

Using techniques such as A/B testing, we constantly track and micromanage each and every campaign to sharpen focus on the target in mind. By tweaking functionality as the healthcare PPC campaign progresses, results become increasingly positive over time, ultimately leading to an improvement in ROI.

Lead Generation For Healthcare & Medical Sectors

SEO is important for the growth of medical and healthcare businesses. Whether you are selling your services online or have a clinic that you want to promote, it is important to increase your visibility on the internet.

Once you start having consistent traffic to your medical website, you will see your sales doubling in no time. Local SEO also plays a major role in Healthcare & Medical Businesses. This allows people in the same vicinity as the hospital, clinic, or nursing centre to find your services.

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Our Healthcare & Medical SEO Services

Once you get in touch with us, rest assured that your sales will increase at an exponential rate. We help your medical business grow using these facilities:

Extensive keyword research

Creative design with SEO in mind

Strategies curated for high conversion rate

Lightweight and quick loading website

Desktop and mobile-friendly interface

Content management

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns

Social media management

Social media integration

Security protection

24/7 technical support


Healthcare & Medical SEO FAQs

Yes, SEO is important for basically every business that is willing to advertise online. Whether you have a proper hospital or aesthetic services clinic, it helps reach a large number of potential customers.

Healthcare & Medical SEO is getting more important than ever now that people search for most of the solutions online. Your medical business needs to rank on top of the search engine to attract maximum traffic.

Usually, it takes three to six months for your medical website to rank at the top of the search engine. However, with the help of a professional digital marketing consultant, you can accelerate the results and reach the top within 30 days.

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