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Benefits Of SEO For Charities

Staying ahead of competition

The charity sector can be a highly competitive industry. It is important to remain competitive through the use of SEO. Pushing your website higher on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) ensures that you are staying ahead of your competition and making your organisation known

Attracting more volunteers and sponsors

Those looking for charities to volunteer at or big brand names on the search for charities to sponsor, can find you online if you have a solid SEO strategy in place. It is common for brands and organisations to sponsor charities, especially when it comes to events. Make sure you are catching their attention.

Gaining local attention

The higher you rank on search engines, the more likely you are to be found by users. This increases your visibility and organisation awareness, which attracts local visitors. Without the help of SEO, it can be proven difficult to stand out from local competition.

Boosts social media presence

You can integrate your SEO strategy with your social media presence. Using keyword research, links, call to actions, and cohesive branding can all contribute to the exposure of your organisation. These two modern digital marketing agency tools can go hand in hand when it comes to increasing visibility and expansion.

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Why Is An Optimised Website Beneficial For A Charity?

Where visitors can gain information

Your website should be an informative platform where visitors can go to find out all they need to know about your charity, what you stand for, and the work that you do. Your website should be clearly structured with SEO practices throughout, e.g. keywords in page titles, permalinks, hyperlinks, page speed etc.

An opportunity to show your work and achievements

Use your website as an opportunity to document your charity’s work and everything it has achieved over time. This can include donations, sponsorships, events, recognitions and more. Presenting your charitable work allows you to show credibility and how exactly you carry out your mission statement. An optimised website pushes this information to be found by users who are searching for relevant information.

Opens more opportunities for donations

When you own a fully optimised website, it increases visibility and Google will see you as credible to its users, therefore pushing you higher on its search ranks. The result of this can be an increase in donations, as you are easy to find for those searching for charities to donate to.

Connect people with the same interests and passions

If a website is implementing the correct keywords after keyword research has been conducted, people searching for charities aligning with your mission and cause, will see your site suggested in their top search results. This practice helps connect those with the same passions and views as your organisation.

A digital presence keeps you relevant, credible, and competitive

A strong, active digital presence is essential for any business or organisation in today’s digital age. To keep relevant and competitive, you must be modernising your website and social media to keep up with trends and Google changes. This is especially important when competing against big named charities.

Our Approach For Charity Organisations…


We will set up your SEO strategy from scratch. Carrying out keyword and competitor research, optimising your page titles and meta descriptions, structuring your site, creating the best content, and practising proactive indexing. We can alter your strategy to adapt to changes in trends as well as investigating what is and isn’t working on your website.


SSL Certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a digital certificate that allows an encrypted connection, and proves a website’s identity to be authenticated. It is a piece of code incorporated into your website that provides a safety net of security.

We ensure that all of our clients have a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, as it is crucial for websites that collect personal consumer information such as passwords and bank and credit cards. Google will always favour those sites that have obtained an SSL.

Google Ads - Google Ad Grants For Charities

We offer Google Ad campaigns to allow our charity clients to reach audiences interested in their organisation. This platform works with PPC (pay per click) to boost visibility, especially locally. These ads can show in Google search results, as well as mobile apps. As a nonprofit organisation, you can apply for a Google Ad Grant to pay towards your campaign which is perfect for charitable organisations on a lower or limited budget.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows for data driven results. It can crawl your entire website and provide data on number of clicks and visitors, bounce rate, conversions, digital behaviour and more. We rely on analytics to highlight issues that may be holding your site back from reaching full potential.

It is important to have a mobile optimised website design. This means, your site can be accessed through mobiles as well as larger screens, with correct structures and text improvements. Having a mobile web design also helps you to rank higher on SERPs.


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Why choose us for your charity organisations?

Whether you are a small nonprofit organisation charity or a larger name in the competitive sector, Smarter is here to guide you through excelling your digital presence and marketing.

We have a team of expert marketers that have proven to achieve real SEO results for our previous charity sector clients, as well as improving and enhancing website designs. Smarter Digital Marketing have worked with clients like Children In Scotland, University Of Glasgow, and Govan Youth Project providing the best SEO strategies, Google Ad campaigns, and fast results. We ensure your digital marketing goals are our top priority.

Here at Smarter, we have over 10 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients from every industry, delivering the highest quality SEO services. We are a Google Partner with the ability to enhance your digital existence and help you reach the audiences relevant to your business. Get in touch with us today!

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