In 2018, if you’re a retailer without an online ecommerce platform then you need to catch up. Studies by Stastista show that sales of ecommerce worldwide have increased by 48.5% between 2013 and 2018. If you want to retail your fantastic products in this growing sector then you need to start strong and work from the ground up. We have put together some of the top golden rules for building an ecommerce website yourself, with the help of some seasoned professionals. From creating your domain to finding a great hosting platform like Shopify, there’s a lot you need to look at.

Read on and find out the golden rules of building an ecommerce website.

Get Yourself A Great Domain Name

First of all, your domain name can be the most important step. If you have a business set up already then you need to find the domain that properly identifies your brand. A domain name properly created can even help you rank higher on Search Engines if your brand name relates to the industry you are in.

Find An Expert Ecommerce Developer

Next, you need to find yourself a web developer who can work well with an ecommerce platform. Look around and try finding people via networking on sites like LinkedIn. Make sure to ask for references and look at their portfolio. Many great developers will be willing to talk you through their process and find out if you will be a good fit for each other business wise.

Make Sure You Have The Paperwork In Order

With any business, you need to make sure you have all of the correct paperwork in order. If you are a new business, make sure you register with all of the necessary authorities before proceeding. As an established business, it may be a case of looking at taxation and similar, if you wish to expand internationally through your online sales.

Choose The Best Website Hosting Platform: Check out Shopify

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform which will allow your developer to work easily with plugins, payment processing and more. With this platform, you can update your stock quickly and manage your orders, as well as track your sales and growth trends. It can be far easier, as well as saving time and money, for businesses to use a hosting platform like Shopify instead of trying to build from the ground up yourself.

Build A Brand

For any business, it’s important to build your brand. This doesn’t stop when it comes to ecommerce. Make sure your themes and the aesthetic of your online shop reflect the overall brand which you are trying to push. Back this up with a solid marketing campaign which is also branded properly with your logo and brand name used regularly. Many companies go to social media in order to increase their fan and user engagement, which can really help with pushing sales and even customer retention.

Make Sure You Have A Secure Payment System

To ensure users have a great level of trust in your business, it is essential that you have a secure payment system in place. There are many popular payment systems on the market right now so find the one that integrates best with your website and hosting platform, and you will earn the trust of more and more customers.

Go Live And Start Selling

The last thing to do, go live! Combine going live with a great promoted campaign, have a launch sale on site, bring as many visitors in as possible. As time goes on it will be important to continue to keep the site as up-to-date as possible in order to keep the orders flowing.

For more information on building your own ecommerce website, check out the guys at Shopify via the link below: