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Benefits of SEO for financial services

Drives organic traffic to your site

SEO is used to boost visibility. Visibility has a direct effect on your financial services website ranking. The higher you appear on the search results, the more potential customers will see you, and click on your site. This is known as organic traffic.

Helps to target relevant key audiences and industries

Through research, we can identify what your target audience is searching for, what content they enjoy, and overall digital behaviour through data analytical tools. We can then use this information and incorporate it into the SEO strategy to ensure it is specifically reaching your target audiences.

Appear more credible to Google

Financial services businesses need to build credibility and trust with the client. This is the first rule of business in the financial sector because it assures the clients that their money is in safe hands.

A site that ranks high on search engine result pages (SERPs), are more likely to be considered as ‘trustworthy’ and ‘reliable’ to search engines like Google. SEO can help boost your site to the top of the SERPs, and in return, your site will be deemed credible.

Stand out from competitors

SEO aids your financial services website to increase its online presence. When your online presence is known, it is then easier to find, access, and expand. When you make yourself known within the financial services industry, you can begin to compare your strategy to competitor strategies. E.g. monitor backlinks, SEO activity, which pages are generating the most traffic etc.

Increased conversions and actions on your site

When SEO is executed correctly, it will generate conversions and actions on your website. This is because you are targeting audiences who are already searching for the products or services that you are offering.

Financial Services

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How we help financial services clients

Financial Services

Google Analytics Set-Up

  • Data driven Google Analytics
  • SEO audit to track and identify data and reporting problems
  • Using analytics to highlight potential issues holding your site back from reaching full potential

With Google Analytics we can track:

Number Of Visitors

The visitor count will show the number of people that have visited your website per each day. When a new day begins, Google Analytics will start counting again.

Exit Rate

Exit rate is very similar to bounce rate, only with one difference: instead of users only visiting one page of your site and then leaving (bounce), they will land on one page, visit another, and then leave (exit).

Number Of Page Views

The page view count can track how many pages have loaded on a browser and been viewed within a certain period of time. Even if the same page is viewed twice, this counts as two page views.

Behaviour Flow

This feature can help track, identify, and analyse the website users behaviour during their session. It can tell us which page the user landed on, which pages they visited, how they got to those pages, and where they eventually exited from.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate will track the percentage of users who visit your website, land on a single page, and then leave without taking any further action such as a conversion, or clicking on a link.

Average Time On Page

Google Analytics will also measure the amount of time spent on each page of your site. This is measured from the second a user lands on a page, until they move to another page on your site.

Website Conversion Rate

Google Analytics can track the number of times a visitor carries out a desired action on your website. This could be a purchase, filling out a form, a booking etc. Google Analytics can track these actions once you set up ‘Google Goals’, which we can do for you here at Smarter Digital Marketing.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis assesses your competitors strengths and weaknesses. It is a strategic practice that is highly beneficial to identify your current top competitors, as well as your potential competitors within the financial services industry. Here’s how it works:

  • We research and gather as much information as possible about your website, and your competitors’ website
  • Identifying gaps in the website, potential ideas, trend following etc
  • We then create an SEO plan for your website based on these findings
  • We use tools like Ahrefs which gathers crucial information like domain checks, competitor research, and backlinks
  • We will then select the most relevant, and highly searched keywords to add to your SEO plan to boost your website
Financial Services
Financial Services

SSL Certificate (secure sockets layer)

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a digital certificate that allows an encrypted connection, and proves a website’s identity to be authenticated. It is a piece of code incorporated into your website that provides a safety net of security.

We ensure that all of our clients have a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, as it is crucial for websites that collect personal consumer information such as passwords and bank and credit cards. Google will always favour those sites that have obtained an SSL.

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Why choose us for your financial service company?

Whether your business is brand new to the financial services sector, or you are a more experienced company aiming to boost your digital presence, Smarter is here to help.

We have a team of expert marketers and specialists that have proven to achieve real SEO results for clients in the financial services. Smarter Digital Marketing have worked with clients like Tru Wealth and Simplefp providing SEO strategies, Google Ad campaigns, mobile responsive web designs, resulting in fast and effective results.

Here at Smarter, we have over 10 years of experience with providing every one of our clients with the highest quality SEO services. We are a certified Google partner with the ability to research, listen, and adapt our digital marketing approach to best suit your personalised goals within any industry.

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