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How we manage our campaigns
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Capture Your Audience With Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads management and optimisation can help reduce your advertising costs and generate more targeted traffic.

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Reduce Ad Costs & Improve Conversion Rates

Google Ads helps you acquire most customers

  • Keyword research & market data
  • Google Ad copy
  • Conversion focused landing page design
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Call Tracking for Google Ads

  • Full Google Ad Campaign analysis & testing
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Bi weekly calls
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Why Choose Us?

Mobile first ads

Ads that fit well on all devices will be the most effective

Campaign Recommendations

We provide bi-weekly recommendations for all campaigns

Laser Targeting

Keep your audience engaged and target relevant customers only


Re-target customers based on what landing pages they've visited

Campaign Analysis & Improvements

Improve your click through rate (CTR) and conversion rates

Improving Results

Once you see results from the campaign we'll want to improve them

Make your PPC budget work even harder

We use a data-driven approach to our PPC campaigns.

Working closely with our Strategy & Insights team, we delve deep into the information collected by your brand, audience data and industry trends to drive each and every decision.

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