What’s The Difference Between Web Development & Web Design?

We like to think of web developers as the construction workers of the websites, and web designers as the architects.

Developers use programming language to bring to life the elements of the website, while designers create the visual layout and information presented on the pages.

Web designers nowadays are very closely linked to what we refer as UX designers, or User Experience designers.

Not all UX designers will work on websites, as some may work on apps for example, but almost all web designers will incorporate elements of UX design in their approach.

Which One Do I Need?

This question gets asked a lot, and many companies tend to use these terms interchangeably to mean the same thing, which further confuses the matter.

Most simple websites usually require the services of a web designer, to put together all the visual elements of the site and make a nice user experience for the visitors.

In a lot of cases, the hard work has already been done by the developers in terms of writing the code that relates to all these visual elements, and these just have to be added to the site.

But with bigger, more complex websites, there is usually a lot of custom elements that have to be coded into the structure of the website, and this is done conjunction with a web designer who does the aesthetic part of the design work.

For a website that needs a lot of custom elements, this dynamic duo can work together to create a site that is both functional and visually pleasing.

Both these skillsets can be applied to desktop websites and mobile responsive versions.

Web Development Roles

A website developer pieces together the website’s framework with code-based software like Javascript. There are several areas in which they tend to work in:

  • Backend Developer – This involves working on the skeleton of the website which is not seen by website visitors.
  • Frontend Developer – This is everything that web visitors can see, like client lead forms and menus.
  • Full Stack Developer – This is basically the full package, these developers will work across all parts of the website.

Web Designer Roles

A web designer needs to be able to keep visitors moving and engaged in the overall website experience. They focus on the style of the pages, but they do fall into several types of designing roles:

  • User Experience Designer – Researching audience traits and designing a web experience that caters to their needs.
  • Classic Web Designer – Designs websites that are commonly used for services, e-Commerce and more.
  • Visual Designer – Designers that have mastered all elements of web design and UX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have in-house designers and developers that come with lots of experience.

Yes, we can build completely custom elements for your website.

We can implement the design ideas you may have to an extent. We are also more than happy to discuss these ideas during the planning stage so that we can bring our marketing expertise to the table.

We build everything, from highly complicated sites with 100+ pages, to simple websites for your business.

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