E-Commerce Web Design

Designing and building an e-commerce website requires a strong platform, for example, WordPress or Magento 2.

Allow users to explore the website before they commit

Website visitors become impatient with websites which require upfront registrations to see the website, even more so when the brand was not known.

Even though customer information may be very important for your company, asking for this information early may result in less sign-ups.

Help users browse with a guest account

A recent study found website visitors view guest checkouts as “convenient”, “simple”, “easy”, and “quick”.

Users are annoyed by sites that force them to register for an account when making a purchase, especially when the benefit of an account is unclear.

Eliminate unnecessary steps

Removing unnecessary steps for the customer can simplify the website journey and make it easier for website visitors to send a message or purchase a product.

When website visitors can find what they want, within a few clicks, they will engage and enjoy the session.

Whereas, if you confuse customers they will leave your website within a matter of seconds.

Fewer clicks mean less time spent finding what they’re looking for.

Clear error messages

Having clear error messages during the checkout process will show website visitors what has went wrong, if anything has.

Using form error messages for missing fields can bring website visitor’s attention back.

User-friendly error messages need to clearly define what, why and how:

  • What the problem was
  • Why it happened
  • How to solve for it

Optimise Product Pages

Once a website visitor has navigated their way to a product page, it’s critical that they are able to find what they’re looking for based on simple, consistent, smart filtering and clear tags.

Optimising product pages with elements such as reviews, trust symbols and a fast page load time will increase your online sales.

Frequently asked questions

Our developers typically use WordPress or Magento.

We use Paypal and Stripe.

Yes, we provide VPS and dedicated web hosting solutions for e-commerce shops.

Yes, all of our e-commerce designs are customised to your brand, and are not copies or replicas of any other website.

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