Using WordPress for your content management system (CMS) has several benefits, some of them are listed below.

Integrating third parties

WordPress is a great platform for integrating third party software or plugins which can help to extend the current set-up and functionality of the website.

As WordPress evolved from a blogging platform, therefore, it’s perfect for uploading articles and syndicating posts.

The blog functionality allows website visitors to easily read, tag, categorise and optimise posts.

The majority of WordPress themes are search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google friendly.

This essentially means search engines find it easy to index the web pages and content.

Various optimisations can be made with WordPress in relation to search engine optimisation. For example,

Mobile Responsive

‘Mobile responsive websites’ are a ranking factor for Google.

The majority of WordPress themes are mobile responsive which saves a lot of time and hassle when designing and developing the website.

These themes display Mobile, PC, TV, Tablet and Laptop perfectly, as the design responsively fits to the screen size.

Easy to use

If you have team members, you can easily assign a new user profile for individuals using WordPress.

This means that employees can sign in to their own accounts and make website changes by themselves.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, providing that you manage the platform and update plugins it is great for security.

Yes, you can compress images and alter code to improve the website load time.

Yes, WordPress has some good functionality and is definitely worth investing your time into from a search engine perspective.

Yes, WordPress has a visual editor which people with no experience in programming can use.

Not necessarily – it depends what your requirements are, however, we can design a WordPress website for £3,000 + vat

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