Improve Your Business with Design Grant

Starting and growing your business can have its difficulties. Therefore, it is natural for companies to look into resource options to help develop their business. We are fortunate enough to have Government grants, funding options and bursary’s to offer us a helping hand when we need. There are a range of different grants for all types of businesses across the UK making it beneficial to do a little research into what grants could help you and your company. Here we look into The Scottish Enterprise by Design Grant which offers funding to help with design fees for your company.

What is The Scottish Enterprise by Design Grant?

This grant can contribute between £2,000 to £5,000 to help cover fee’s for design for new products/services or to improve an existing design. There is a list of different design tasks that the grant is viable for, including:

  • Website Design*
  • Service or Product Design
  • Recipe Development
  • Packaging, Prototype design or Tooling
  • Sample or Minimum Viable Product Design
  • Branding*

*Must be part of a bigger innovation project with other design costs within the application.

What Can’t the Grant Be Used For?

The grant cannot be used for the following:

  • Internal Training and/or Travel Costs
  • Marketing printing and production costs
  • Printing costs
  • Salary costs or staff hiring
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts or contractors (Outwith the EU)
  • Capital Expenditure

Who Can Apply to This Grant?

If you meet these requirements you are eligible to apply for this particular finding grant:

  • Small to medium sized VAT registered company.
  • Social enterprise based in Scotland and applying for funding to use towards design to develop a new product/service.
  • Ability to contribute at least 30% of the cost
  • Must be able to fund the project upfront
  • Must be able to demonstrate the benefits of the project

Who Can’t Apply?

If you fall into any of the below categories you will not be eligible to apply to the grant.

  • If you have received or are receiving funding from Scottish Enterprise or any other public sector for the same project.
  • A Scottish Enterprise account managed company or Business Gateway Growth Pipeline Company.
  • Have received a Make it to Market or By Design support within the last 36 months.

There are exceptions made where non-VAT registered applicants can be considered if they already have pre-approval for a VAT exemption via their Business Gateway advisor. You may be unsure if you are eligible to apply to this grant, if so, you may be able to discuss your options with an Innovation Support Service advisor. You can apply here for Scottish Enterprise Innovation Support Service.

If you are searching for professional design for your website or business, contact our team today. We offer a range of services including digital marketing, content writing, website development and audits. The grant listed above can contribute towards website design which Smarter Digital Marketing can provide.