Virtual viewings have introduced a whole new beginning and have helped to minimise all human contact to control the spread of Coronavirus.

We were already a society that was driven by digital technology long before the Covid-19 pandemic but digital content is now dominating our world more than ever, so for businesses to survive there is only one way, and that is to join or get left behind.

The ongoing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic drove the UK property market along with the many other sectors to quickly adapt and find an online platform from which they can survive.

As a result, we have seen a huge increase in virtual viewings, but what are they and what exactly do they mean for the future of the UK property market?

What Exactly Are Virtual Viewings

Virtual viewings include any viewings that are presented online through the medium of video and 3D 360 walkthroughs.

The virtual house viewings came after the government’s guidelines recommended that viewings should be done virtually when possible, and people should only see a property in person when they are ready to make an offer.

Many agencies quickly began to include virtual viewings as part of their digital marketing strategy. This was the quickest way for them to make sure they can continue to work.

Although with the virtual methods you cannot physically be there, you are still entirely in control without having to attend the viewings in person.

Foxtons and Rightmove were one of the first agencies that launched an online viewing platform back in April.

Zoopla has seen a 215% increase in virtual viewings on their site, and they believe that the viewings have been a great hit with potential buyers so far.

3D 360 Walk Through:

Viewers can walk through a property with the 3D virtual walk tours on any device that has an internet connection. The 3D viewings create an illusion of being present in that space.

Virtual Video Tours:

Many who are living in a property, which they are looking to sell or rent have managed to make their own videos to share with agencies. The ability to film a quick tour has helped both agencies and individuals to eliminate any unnecessary human interactions.

virtual viewings

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Viewings?

Virtual viewings let both letting and estate agencies to continue work and many employees have managed to secure their jobs.

It provided a quick and easy solution to minimise the impact of the lockdown and the social distancing measures on the UK property market.

For renters and buyers, viewings have never been this easy. Not only it helps many to save time but it also makes finding the right property simple.

A quick online viewing can help people to make their mind up about a property without having to arrange a physical viewing that often turns to a waste of time and leads to disappointment.

Those who are looking to sell or rent no longer have to make sure that their space is presentable for every viewing.

Sellers and landlords can save so much time by avoiding last-minute cancellations, as well as time-wasters.

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SEO Benefits For Agencies

While things are still uncertain, businesses must continue to stay up to date with the digital world.

We specialise in SEO and implement digital marketing techniques to help our property clients to establish their online presence.

From an SEO perspective, we believe virtual viewings could help your website. They will attract more traffic to your website and those who view your site will typically spend longer viewing your content and browsing through your pages.

This will help to increase your retention rate and reduce your website’s bounce rate.

If you do not want to lose any potential clients to your competitors then it is important to offer virtual viewings as much as possible on your website.

Are the Virtual Property Viewings Here to Stay?

The initial move to a digital platform must have been a challenge for many agencies but the invested efforts in creating the video tours have so far paid off.

In fact, the UK property market has been enjoying a mini-boom, and the house prices have been increasing over the past few months.

As a result, many transactions have taken place regardless of the social distancing measures that were introduced.

With the new vaccine on the scene, there is hope that things could eventually return to the way they once were but when it comes to virtual viewings, we think that they are here to stay.

Moving forward, with all the benefits in mind it would be a more efficient and effective way to view properties in the future.

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