The word “bot” in itself, has a negative connotation. Let’s be honest.

TikTok is a fairly new social media platform, with it being released in September 2016.

It won’t surprise you when we say that there are bots available on the market to automate specific tasks, such as following, unfollowing, commenting, and liking posts.

The Main Tik Tok Bots

  1. Tik Tok Bot – The best Tik Tok Bot on the market, #1 by far.
  2. AutoTokker – #2 because it doesn’t have great functionality
  3. Instamber – We ranked this third as it is quite expensive, and doesn’t live up to expectations help boost your account and gains you thousands of new followers depending on how long you run the bot.

They even make it really easy for you to try their service before you purchase it (3 day free trial for all new users):

How does it work?

After you connect your Tik Tok account the bot gets to work and starts targeting accounts which you specify.

Just enter a target account which has a large following and the bot will automatically follow the profiles which follow the target profile you entered.

tik tok bot cta



Autotokker aims to improve the volume of your Tik Tok subscribers. It’s fairly simple.

The follow and un follow method brings new visits to your Tik Tok profile when running.

Auto tokker claim to give you thousands of subscribers each month.

Their software targets a few big accounts in the niche you are targeting and then grows your profile using the followers of the influencer account you chose to target.



Instamber Tiktok bot, similar to Auto Tokker, enables you to gain automated likes, followers which is all based on Username and Hashtag.

How Do You Protect Your Tik Tok Account From Getting Banned?

Bans have been around for a while on social media.

These bans became well known through Instagram.

During a shadow ban, your content is not shown to anybody besides your current followers.

This can make it a challenge to grow your tik tok followers.

You can protect your TikTok account using a IPV6 proxy

If this doesn’t work, you can also protect your account by using a mobile proxy.

Why Is Your TikTok Account banned?

Your TikTok account can be shadow banned for a variety of reasons.

If you follow the TikTok community guidelines and don’t post anything obscene, you probably won’t encounter any problems whatsoever.

What are the main reasons your account will be banned?

“Engaging in Cyberbullying/ harassment or hate speech content or inciting hatred against an individual or a group of people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, culture, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, or any other discrimination could lead to ban” according to the community guidelines.

  • Nudity Posts – This is an obvious reason and one that has caused many people trouble on Instagram. No social media company wants nudity on their platform, notably one with a younger audience. It’s good advice to keep all videos clean.
  • Posting Guns or Illegal Drugs Posts – Any posts relating to guns or drugs are against the community guidelines and you may receive a lengthy ban.
  • Posting Copyrighted Content Posts – It’s recommended not to copy any content in your TikTok videos which is copyrighted. Creating clear copies of other popular users’ videos can result in shadow ban.

How Long Does A TikTok ban Last?

The most commonly time for ban is roughly 14 days.

However, if you persistently break the community guidelines you may receive a longer, indefinite ban.

How do you deal with a shadow ban?

You can wait if your account is popular. Alternatively, you can create a new Tik Tok account.

Some users mention that their IP address is blocked entirely.

You can change your IP address with a few simple steps.