Google Ads Has A New Keyword Matching Process For Phrase & Broad Match

Google Ads has updated the way it matches keywords to search queries. In the announcement, Google has provided new details on how keyword matching works when a search is identical to a given keyword as well as when a search is not identical to any of the keywords present in an ad. The update is not completely new. Google has put much effort over the years into understanding the intent behind each search, especially for long, complex search queries. The introduction of BERT in 2019 brought a…

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Google title tag update

Google Changes The Way It Generates Page Titles In SERPs

When performing a search on Google, titles are the first thing considered by searchers when assessing how relevant a search result is to the query. And that's why the Google Search team is constantly updating its algorithms, striving to provide the best titles for listings in search results. Up until now, Google used the search query a user had entered to formulate the page title it would return with a given listing. This is not the case anymore. Google's new title update is much more complex…

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Google search central

Google Search Central Is The New Google Webmasters

The big news straight from the horse’s mouth this week is, Google Search Central is now the new Google Webmasters. Google claims the word Webmaster has slowly been declined by users over the years and a study they ran revealed that only a few identified themselves as Webmasters. Their data showed that people now refer to themselves as Search Engine Optimisers, Digital Marketers, Web developers and so on. So they believed it was time for a change. Why Google Search Central? With the growth in…

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