The big news straight from the horse’s mouth this week is, Google Search Central is now the new Google Webmasters.

Google claims the word Webmaster has slowly been declined by users over the years and a study they ran revealed that only a few identified themselves as Webmasters.

Their data showed that people now refer to themselves as Search Engine Optimisers, Digital Marketers, Web developers and so on.

So they believed it was time for a change.

Why Google Search Central?

With the growth in search engines and the many things we now do in terms of SEO, Google mentioned in their blog that they found it hard to define and summarise everything under one term but “Search Central” seemed to fit the many topics they cover on Google Search.

Although Google Webmasters is now Google Search Central, the good news is it is still there to help us improve the visibility of our websites.

This change in name is nothing more than just a rebranding and Google is going to continue to offer their support to us in terms of SEO.

Google search central

The New Changes With Google Search Central

Google has declared that they will be consolidating their blogs and help documentation to one site.

Moving forward, you can access everything about Google search, how indexing works, help with crawls, search guidelines and other related topics on the new Google Search Central website.

All the archived and new blog posts will be on

What does that mean for blog subscribers? Do not worry, Google is going to keep sending you updates and will redirect you to their new blog URL.

The good thing is Google has promised to create useful content for us to use for SEO and now we can manage and access all those information on one site.

Googlebot Mascot Gets a Sidekick

Google has also revealed in their recent blog post about Google Search Central that Googlebot Mascot no longer needs to wander around the web alone.

There is a new sidekick who has joined but no names have been discussed yet and apparently Google is open to suggestions for a name too.

Google search central

Although all the above changes are going to have their own positive impacts what we really wonder is how long it is going to take us to get used to saying Search Central instead of Webmasters.

In the meantime make sure to make the most out of Google’s blogs and news updates. Over the last few weeks they have revealed information about the impact of links on ranks, so be sure to keep up to date with their new SEO news.