What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation or CRO is the process of maximising the number of visitors who take a desired action on a website.

This could be filling out a form, getting in touch, buying a product or completing a download.

The CRO process is incredibly important for any business with an online presence, even if you do not directly sell online.

CRO lets you nail down exactly how your customers behave your site, what actions they take, and reasons as to why they are not converting as you are expecting.

What are Conversions?

Conversions are users that complete an action on your website, whether it is purchasing a product or sending an email or request.

There are two main types of conversions; macro conversions and micro conversions.

conversion rate optimisation

What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is simple – it is the number of user actions (conversions) divided by your total site traffic (visitors).

traffic conversion rate optimisation

We can see here with this example that out of 1000 monthly visitors, 100 people ended up taking an action and converting, resulting in a 10% conversion rate.

We should mention that this is an example, and if your website is getting a conversion rate of 10% then give yourself a pat on the back.

How To Optimise Conversion Rate

There are a number of ways that you can optimise your conversion rate, and they generally all start with a deeper understanding of your audience’s behaviour.

Look at Main Pages

Look at your pages that get the highest traffic, and use them to improve your other pages. You can also find out why people are not engaging or going any further if this is where the traffic drops off.

Look at Page Drop Off Rates

Find out where your visitors are losing interest and what can be done about it. If they are dropping off consistently on one page, this page could need work in the form of reduced friction and more CTAs.

Reduce Friction

Friction at any stage of a visitor’s journey should be avoided. If you have a lot of cart abandonment, this could indicate that there is too much friction at the checkout and people are going elsewhere.


Keep people moving through your website with internal links and buttons, and never let them land on a page that has no options to continue exploring.

Site Speed

Slow websites will always result in high drop offs, so make sure your images are properly sized and your load speeds are nice and fast.

A/B Testing

Rather than shooting in the dark, use A/B testing on ads, pages, CTAs, anywhere you think you might be able to improve your conversions.

User Experience

You can improve user experience by designing your pages in such a way that makes the web users’ journey easy and enjoyable.

The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

The most powerful thing that CRO can do for any business is the ability to generate more sales/conversions with the same amount of traffic.

This has huge implications, as if means that without spending any more money, you can get more customers, more leads and more interest around your business.

Even just a 1% increase in conversion rate can amount to a huge increase in revenue.

Check out this example:

Let’s imagine we have a business that sells one product for £100.

We get 1000 visitors a month, with conversion rate of 5%.

This means we get 50 customers a month, resulting in £5,000 revenue.

If we can bump up our conversion rate to 7%, with no increase in traffic, this results in an increase of £2000.

We are now turning over £7,000 just from dialling in our website and increasing our conversion rate.


As we have seen with this example, all we are doing is putting in more time and effort understanding how our customers are behaving on our website.

We haven’t spent any more money on marketing, all we have done is optimised our current website performance.

For most businesses, getting to grips with their CRO can have a huge impact on their revenue.

Frequently asked questions

Simply put, if you improve user flow on your website, you can increase your leads and sales without spending any additional money on marketing.

A conversion is any action that someone completes on your website, like a purchase, contact form or download.

You can improve your conversion rate by reducing friction, streamlining navigation and making pages load faster.

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