How businesses portray themselves is a crucial factor to achieve success, and with today’s social media, creating a brand and establishing a positive image is as essential as ever. For businesses trying to make a name, it’s even more crucial.Most businesses make the mistake of thinking a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook page isn’t necessary. But it’s becoming apparent that the face behind the business is as important as the business itself. However, by not improving your online presence, you’ll lose out on gaining more customers and potential sales.Luckily, there are many powerful ways and tools like Boosted’s app for small business owners that can help you boost your online presence. If you don’t want to miss out on any potential sale or customer, make sure to consider the following:

1. Drive More Traffic Using Paid Ads

An effective and easy way to drive traffic to your site and boost your presence online is by using paid search advertising. Also referred to as PPC, pay-per-click ads let you pay for your display ads on search engines that appear in the search page’s sponsored results section. This practice is also an effective tool to gain exposure and most consumers click ads when they’re searching for something to buy online.When using PPC ads, it’s critical to note that you’re using search terms and keywords to promote and define your brand above your competitors. If your budget allows, use long-tail keywords for PPC ads along with your SEO efforts to bring more qualified traffic to your website and help your business grow online.

2. Build Your SEO

You may have the most beautiful website equipped with the most compelling marketing content, but without effective SEO, all your efforts to create an online business presence will be useless.Take note that there are millions or possibly billions of websites out there. So, it takes some work on your part to make your website stand out. This is where SEO may come in handy.By posting useful content regularly and using specific keywords to the industry you’re in, you’ll be able to get a better website ranking. Since most internet users don’t go beyond the first few pages of the search results, it’s critical to prioritize SEO for your website to keep your ranking high.

3. Generate Buzz On Social Media

SEO social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can be of great help to improve your presence online. All you need to is to generate buzz or anything the creates excitement to your target audience, so you can easily spread the word about your online business and get everyone to talk about it.To make a buzz on social media, look for topics related to your business and make sure to share high-quality content. If you don’t know where to get started, search for the current trends and create quality content out of them.

4. Maximize Your Website’s User Experience (UX)

With countless online businesses competing with one another, consumers have many options. Because of this, it’s important to maximize your website’s user experience if you don’t want your potential customers to bid goodbye to your website.For search engines, UX matters a lot and it should be one of your main priorities if you want to boost your online business presence. Keep in mind that just a few seconds delay in your page load can reduce your customer satisfaction. So, websites must be easy to use and straightforward. Through conducting data analysis and heat map technology, you can determine how your website is being used and determine the areas that require more improvement.

5. Get Listed On Online Directories

Don’t underestimate the potential of online directories when it comes to online presence. Key directory websites enable businesses to generate more traffic and reach their audiences efficiently. Such directories can help you rank organically and relevant to your local searches.The secret to gain success with online directories lies in selecting the one that adds real value to your business. These directories don’t only promote themselves to website owners like you, but they also advertise themselves to potential customers. Just make sure to use popular online directories to build an online presence effectively.


Boosting your online business presence can help you reach a wider audience across the globe in ways that traditional promotion or advertising cannot. So, if you want to make your online business grow, make sure to take note of those ways to improve your online presence and see the difference in terms of results.presence