Ad Extensions

Extensions expand your ad with extra text – this gives potential website visitors more reasons to click on your ad.

These extensions take up more real estate, often increasing an ad’s click-through rate by several percentage points.

Extensions which make your ad larger and more prominent are click to call buttons, location data (business address) and site links to other pages on your website.

When extensions show

Creating an ad extension doesn’t guarantee that it will appear with your ad whenever a user searches. Ad extensions appear with your ad when:

  • The extension is expected to improve campaign performance.
  • The ad position and Ad Rank is enough for extensions to appear. To show ad extensions, Google Ads has a minimum Ad Rank. Ad Rank calculations are a factor for showing ad extensions.

Site links are additional links within your ad which will direct potential customers to a specific page on your website.

In this example, you can see our website site links below – “How We Work” and “Financial Services”


Site link extensions have several benefits:

  • measure and monitor the clicks going to specific site link pages on your website to learn even more about customers
  • run specific short term campaigns to subpages on your website
  • create site links for mobile users

Callout Extensions

When creating your ads. callout extensions enable advertisers to include additional descriptive text in ads.

This extension allows you to add specific elements of your business, products, and services which will show below your ad.

These extensions appear like site links, although, they can’t be clicked.

Callout extensions are additional bullet points, extra snippets text to help engage visitors.

Call Extensions

Call extensions allow advertisers to add phone numbers to your ads, which may increase click-through rates (CTR).

When your call extensions are showing, visitors can click to call your business directly.

This can result in higher engagement with your ads and more conversions.

Review Extensions

Review extensions display stars and seller ratings.

There is good evidence demonstrating that by including reviews information will increase the click through rate of your campaigns.

According to a recent study Google reported advertisers experiencing a 19% increase in click through rate by including review extensions.

Frequently asked questions

Ad extensions increase the size of your ad and provide extra information or destinations to send your visitors to.

Every time an ad extension is clicked on you will be charged by Google. The cost depends on the ad extension clicked.

You can use up around 8 ad extensions, these are: app extensions, location extensions, price extensions, structured snippet extensions, call out extensions, site link extensions, message extensions & call extensions.

They help advertisers measure clicks to call, message or web pages. You can also use promotion codes to market to your customers. Extensions also improve the visibility of your phone number and other pages.

No. Google decides when and how to show your ad extension. This is dependant on the search term used, quality of ad and many more factors.

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