Ad Creation

Creating the perfect ad takes time, testing and budget.

There are various elements of an ad that should be optimised, for example, the ad title, description and extensions.

Descriptive ads

By adding as much description to your ads as possible you can increase the prominence of your ad position.

More information accurately describes your service or product, which is great for users.

Avoiding keyword stuffing and vague descriptions of your product or service as this will only confuse potential visitors.

Call to actions (CTAs)

Every ad should have a clear call to action and journey for the customer.

Changing the positioning of your call to action buttons can have a large impact on conversion rates.

Testing various colours and text can also improve the likelihood that your call to action will be clicked.


Reviews are a main trust factor when buying online now.

Without reviews you may find that customers leave your website and search third party websites to find a review about your product or service.

There are many third party review websites which you can create and start collecting customer reviews.

Relevancy & trust

Creating a relevant ad can increase your inbound leads.

Your ad should match the landing page which you are sending website traffic to.

When an ad is more relevant it’s more engaging and interesting to users.

Why would anyone click an irrelevant ad?


Ad quality can impact on ad costs, relevancy, account history score and impressions/clicks.

A poor ad won’t score very high in terms of position and the cost per click (CPC) may cost more.

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