The next Google Penguin algorithm update is happening. This will have major implications for search and website owners. If you were a victim of the last Google Penguin update you now have a chance of recovery.

Historically Google Penguin has impacted dramatically on some businesses – with some companies reporting 40% decreases in website traffic. See more about this Hugo Boss case study.

What impact will the next Google Penguin update have for businesses?

This next Google Penguin update is going to be a real-time version. As Google detects spammy and un-natural links websites may be impacted immediately — and when bad links are removed, those sites may see a more responsive recovery.

Auditing your link profile isn’t at the forefront of your mind, especially if things are running smoothly and you are enjoying a good level of traffic, but now’s a great time to do any last-minute checks to make sure you’re prepared for the next Penguin update.

Identifying Google Panda, Penguin and Other Penalties.

What are the main points to consider?

Not much is known at this point in time, however, a variety of factors have been confirmed by Google. These are the following:

  • Is a worldwide roll out
  • Impacts less than 1% of English queries
  • Only a refresh, no new signals added

What do we know from Google?

In a Google Hangout John Mueller more or less confirmed that the hope for this Penguin 3.0 update is that it will never stop rolling out, in fact making it the #ForeverPenguin

As the new update is real-time webmasters will be able to negatively impact their websites in real time now rather than being able to artificially manipulate algorithms for long periods of time.

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Key takeaways from the blog

The main thing to takeaway from this post is that you should always keep a clean link profile and monitor your backlink profile on a regular basis to spot for spam links.

How can I maintain a clean and natural link profile?

  • Vary your anchor text with non-descriptive text and your URL / brand name, don’t just use exact-match keywords.
  • Link related pages together. Ask, “Would someone looking at Page A also be interested in Page B?”
  • Try to maintain good navigation and a high level structure to your website
  • Disavow any low-quality links
  • Link naturally and to relevant sources

We can help your website

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