There’s no right answer to the title of this article.

It really highly depends on the business. If, for example, you are generating debt leads, then a paid advertising strategy may work best. Whereas, on the flip side, if you are generating leads for pensions, we may advise you to look at an organic search strategy.

This post will dive a little deeper into the strategies that might work for financial services, and what you may wish to stay clear of.

Organic Search

We know every customer is different. We will formulate and implement a tailored SEO strategy especially for your business.

A slow burn, but much better for capturing longer tail traffic, driving long-term leads and quality traffic.

This approach may not be suited to your business if you are in need of quick wins.

Having a strong Paid Search strategy, using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, or a combination of both, can generate lead volumes fast for any business.

This strategy is great if it’s a service that requires immediate action, like debt for example. Nobody wants to be in debt for long, so by carefully crafting a PPC ad you can target those customers instantaneously.

For this approach you will need to have a small, targeted email list which is reliable. There’s not much point in sending bulk emails to generic lists. It may take some time to gather email lists or data, although in the long-term it’s very worthwhile as you can send out an email marketing campaign fairly easily, and with little cost.