Instagram bots (IG bot) help to automate your account’s activity, for example, interactions, comments, direct messages, follow, un follow and likes.

The aim of this is to increase your following and build real followers, not fake traffic and accounts.

Instagram bots can speed things up with the daily management of your account and increase your profile visits, followers and clicks to your website.

The 20-minute video below goes into great detail about how to set-up an Instagram bot helps grow your Instagram accounts.

Instagram bots can automate many tasks – liking posts on Instagram feeds based on the targets and guidelines you input to the Instagram bot.

This means that you’ll increase your account visibility as you will show up on the Instagram feed more often. Obviously this will enable people to find your content and username, scroll through your account, and if they like what they say then they may follow you.

Keeping Your Instagram Account Safe

Instagram accounts with engaging content and the correct automation targeting will generate activity and interactions which are likely to be perceived as organic and translate into genuine profile visits. This is likely to stay under the radar of any reviews done by Instagram.

Conversely, an Instagram account with boring, irrelevant content which has poorly automated targeting and set-up will interact with people who will find the activity to be fake or spammy.

Everyone has had an experience of this in the past, from irrelevant automated DMs, to random followers in different niches.

During 2017 Instagram requested to shut down several services, most notably Instagress, however, there are alternatives,

The Main Instagram Bots

We’ve tried them all and the results are below:

What’s the process for notifying you of fake followers?

Instagram are trying to shut down bots using a few techniques:

  1. A push notification informing you that they are removing “inauthentic” likes and follows which were identified and generated by a third party application. Your account information is flagged as compromised because you shared it with a third party.
  2. Instagram serve this notification to get customers to change their passwords, which in turn, will disconnect you from the third party (Instagram bot)
  3. Another notification states that you are using a service which “helps you get likes and followers” and blocks your account from activity during a specific time period.

For this, it’s often because you’re using an Instagram automation service which isn’t safe or because you’re automating your likes or comments in a spammy manner. Bot comments have invaded Instagram and sent a red flag to Instagram – so be careful you are not automating the IG bot the wrong way.

If any of the above 3 points do happen, then try not to worry. It’s recommended to stop trying to interact via your account, and either change your Instagram bot, or program your interactions at a much slower rate. The block will go away in the time specified in the notification (usually one week) and you’ll be able to continue interacting.

Instagram does not enforce any action other than sending you the above 3 notifications.

Keeping Your Instagram Account Safe

Having your account hacked or compromised by an IG bot is not a common occurrence as these bots exist specifically to help their customers. These bots rely on keeping your data safe and your account safe.

Things you can do

Tip: As you are always at risk of getting these specific notifications when you are automating the account, it’s recommended to always be safe and use the safest bot out there.

What functionality and features are included with Instagram bots?

We manage various Instagram accounts – so we had to test the top 10 to see which Instagram bot works the best, and is the safest!

What’s the best Instagram Bots?

#1 – Instagram Bot Follower

Instagram Bot:

Price: 4.99 Euros per month ($6 p/m)

The reason we prefer IBF over other bots is that it’s the second cheapest in the market and all the other available tools don’t offer a wide array of features for this price.

Automated Activity Speeds: Yes – there are automated activity speeds, meaning you can set your own speed. IBF also offer a fantastic content scheduler, direct message automation and analytics which makes this Instagram bot the best choice as it has lots of functionality, is safe, easy to use and most important very affordable each month.

VPN & setup: Set-up your own VPN using this bot.

Safety: The only downside to this Instagram automation service is that they don’t have customer service but that’s not surprising at this price level. If you’re experienced with automation, it won’t be an issue.

Similar bots: If you like the functionality of Instagram Bot Follower but need the help of customer service then Social Captain may be a good choice.

# 2 – Social Captain

Instagram Bot:

Price: $39 p/m

Automated Acitvity Speeds: There are some basic restrictions on the number of times an Instagram account can perform specific actions, for example follow/unfollow, like, comment and direct message within an hour before being flagged as spammy. For example, 500 followers per hour would get flagged.

If you think you are pushing Instagram too hard and tripping the red flags, we would suggest to relax your automation.

Instagram keeps those limits hidden from users, but the Instagram automation software companies do know how to relax and push these limits. They monitor Instagram’s activity limits and make sure their customers don’t get flagged, as ultimately this would lose them money and customers too.

Tip: It’s recommended to use an Instagram bot which has built in automated activity speed settings to ensure you don’t get flagged by Instagram.

The social media automation providers who don’t have this functionality within their bot are risking their customers accounts. Don’t use any of these.

VPN & setup: Instagram identify individual unique IP addresses and if they see an Instagram account exceeding these limits they may flag all of the other accounts associated with that IP address. Social media automation service providers who don’t set you up with a unique VPN when you initially register will be setting you up under a shared IP address. This is risky and is not best practice as it may end up resulting in your other accounts being banned by Instagram. Always pick the right Instagram bot for your goals.

Safety: This bot is fairly safe as the VPN is built in.

Similar bots: IBF(above) is fairly similar.

# 3 – Social Sensei

Instagram Bot:

Price: $45 per month

Automated Activity Speeds: There are automated speed activity settings with this tool and they manage every single step of the social media automation process for you. This includes a review to determine the most effective activity speeds which will stop you being flagged.

VPN & setup: You receive your own unique VPN and IP address

Safety: Expect to receive a dedicated account manager to help with every single step of the process. When kicking off a campaign you’ll need a list of the hashtags and accounts which you want to set as your automation targets and their team manage the rest. Results are generally based on the quality of content and settings you use, however, we have seen 500–1000 new followers per month with Social Sensei.

Similar bots: Upleap provide a dedicated account manager to help grow your followers.

#4 – Instazood

Instagram Bot:

Price: $9.99 per month

Automated Activity Speeds: Automated speed settings are good on this – with the standard settings you won’t go over any limits set by Instagram

VPN & setup: No VPN set-up or help.

Safety: Instazood have been around for a while and are known in the marketplace for reliable customer service. Over the years, they have managed to adapt to Instagram updates and changes, which can only be a good thing for customers. You really need this type of experience and knowledge if you are looking at seriously growing your multi Instagram accounts.

Not the best user experience or interface, but the customer service is perfect!

Similar bots: Gramista is very similar to Instazood.

#5 – Ingramer

Instagram Bot:

Price: $39 per month

Automated Activity Speed: Yes – they have the required settings to keep you safe. They have detailed activity speeds replicating real life human behaviour, statistics and filtering.

VPN & set-up: Included on set-up of account

Safety: Not the safest from all social media providers. Although, they have fantastic features in their automation software.

Runners Up: Boostgram is a similar tool which grows your instagram account, although it’s not as good as Ingramer.