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Website Maintenance Services Glasgow

Keeping Your Website Fresh.

A website should never be static and should be constantly changing to cater for the demands of the modern day consumer. This allows them to have the best possible experience when they visit a website. You don’t want to lose valuable customers due to downtime, broken links, or other performance issues as this can send your potential customers to a competitor, so let Smarter Digital Marketing manage your website maintenance and help keep your business/organisation one step ahead.

Why your Business Needs a Well-Maintained Website

According to the Office of National Statistics 76%, or 38 million people, now use the Internet every day in the UK.  Furthermore, 74% of adults have purchased a service or product online, and searching the Internet prior to purchasing goods or services is the second most popular reason for people using the Internet. With 75% of adults utilising the Internet to research companies before buying, any organisation that does not have an Internet presence is missing out.

As the above statistics show, the Internet has become the first place that people go to find out information, to discover new services, and to make purchases. There aren’t any businesses or organisations that wouldn’t benefit from having a well maintained, professionally designed website to help promote their organisation.  However, having a website is not enough on its own; it needs to be well maintained so that it gives the professional image and ease of use that a customer would expect when they visit. Mistakes happen, links break, and design progresses. A website is a living entity that has to be looked after and nurtured, otherwise it will fail to bring in business. A website which does not look the part will turn away potential customers.

Good web design Glasgow is a key factor in the success of a website. Good design, however, needs to constantly change in order to stay fresh and current. At Smarter Digital Marketing, we have the resources, skills, and experience to either design a website from scratch, or update and maintain your existing design.

Benefits of Website Maintenance Glasgow

There are numerous reasons why you want to make sure that your website is well maintained:

  • A website that is constantly updated will rank better on the search engines and make your site easier to find.
  • A site that ranks well on the search engines will naturally attract more visitors and help to create more interest in your product, service, or organisation.
  • A website that is well maintained will convey a professional image and show visitors you are serious about doing business.
  • A poorly maintained website with broken links, out of date information, and which performs badly, will give a poor impression to potential customers, and will often result in them seeking out a
  • When a site is regularly maintained and updated to include the latest features it helps your website to perform at is optimum level, thus giving your visitor the best possible experience.

Website Maintenance Services

Our digital marketing agency provides a complete range of affordable website maintenance services including, but not limited to:

Updates: These will include content and image updates, as well as picture optimisation, and updates to improve the function and look of the site.

Design: We can integrate website forms, banners and slideshows, links to all of your social media pages, Google Maps, and we can also create a mobile app so that you can meet the demands of the growing needs of mobile users.

Upgrades: Our agency will ensure that your website is always up-to-date with the latest software patches and upgrades to ensure the smooth running and security of your site.

E-Commerce Integration

As well as general website maintenance, we also have the capability to install e-commerce platforms onto websites. E-commerce platforms are a must for any business planning on selling products online. Acting as the virtual version of a physical shopfront, e-commerce platforms allow businesses to showcase their goods and services.

A key feature to e-commerce platforms are the inclusion of payment services, such as Stripe or Paypal. Without the ability to process payments, there can be no sale of goods or services. Such payment processing platforms require installation and adaptation to each unique situation, as well as maintenance to ensure their continued running. At Smarter Digital Marketing, we have installed both e-commerce and payment processing platforms for multiple businesses, giving us the knowhow to replicate the process for any website.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business increase its online revenue and to discuss how we can handle the maintenance of your website, relieving you of unnecessary stress.

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