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Content Management Systems Glasgow

Content Management Systems

Up to date, relevant information is crucial to digital marketing. It can, however, be time consuming to manage. By creating one place where all of your content can be managed from, your web content can be created and updated in a quick and timely fashion. Real time updates will allow you to see results from changes nigh on instantaneously.

Even the best software solutions are of little value without appropriate implementation. As one of the top digital marketing agencies Glasgow has to offer, we are experts on all things CMS related. We manage the CMS’ of the majority of our client’s websites which means we have a wealth of experience when it comes to a range of different CMS’. Whether it is editing and optimising content to full blown management of the entire CMS, we can tailor our services to suit your business’ needs.

We can tailor a package of marketing services, from copy writing Glasgow to graphic design Glasgow, to work in combination with our web design services to take the strain of web management off your mind and allow you to focus on the main areas of your business.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that makes content management simple and straightforward, enabling the website owner to streamline their content management activities. A CMS reduces the time spent on updates and maintenance by allowing them to be undertaken in a more efficient manner; editing, organising, and repurposing existing content is also simplified with a CMS.

There are other benefits to using a CMS. A CMS will enable the indexing of content and help it to be found on search engines, and allow a website administrator to track users and settings, as well as providing a wealth of other useful data. In addition, a Content Management System will aid your business by reducing costs as it will eliminate the need for a website developer to carry out updates for you, and allow you to add content to the site in the quickest time possible.

A CMS typically has two major components:

  • A Content Management Application (CMA) is the front-end user interface that allows a user – whether their experience is limited to extensive – to add, modify, and remove content from a website without the intervention of a website administrator.
  • A Content Delivery Application (CDA) that compiles this information and updates the website.

Why Should You Have a CMS?

While not absolutely necessary, Content Management Systems provide a substantial amount of benefits to a business with an online presence. Reasons to include a CMS in your web design Glasgow include:

  • Improves content management efficiency.
  • Simplifies the understanding required.
  • Multiple user access.
  • Avoids joint access issues.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Expand utility by app plugins.
  • Provides extra security.
  • Improve branding.

“Smarter Digital Marketing have increased our online revenue by 100% in only 3 months”

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Whichever type of website that you own, it can be enhanced dramatically by implementing a CMS.

If you run any of the following types of website, then your organisation can benefit from Smarter Digital Marketing’s services:

  • An online magazine or website.
  • An E-commerce business.
  • A charitable website.
  • Commercial enterprises both large and small.
  • A personal page.
  • Any other type of website that needs to manage content with minimal fuss.

How a CMS Fits in with Web Design Glasgow

Web design is not only about the look and feel of a website. A large part of good digital marketing Glasgow is centred around good content management. This can either be updating and maintaining the on-page copy of your individual web pages or the updating and management of blog posts of any blog attached to the website. In both cases, the ability to easily upload, proof, and edit content saves times, which in turns saves money.

Getting used to a CMS, however, can be a time consuming and confusing process, especially as there is a multitude of different CMS’ available on the marketplace. By handing over control of your CMS to a professional web design agency Glasgow, you avoid potential headaches.

It is all too easy to delete critical content by accident; this same content is what is ranks your website through the search engines, so losing it can be disastrous for a business. When using our CMS service, you can rest assured that your content is backed up and in safe hands.

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