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Mobile phones will overtake desktop computers when it comes to internet browsing.

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In today’s digital era, everyone is using their mobile phone to access the internet, make calls, purchase goods and services online, and use their favourite social media channels. We understand this is the case and also realise that in order to fulfil the perfect customer journey a high-quality user experience should be at the fore-front of any digital marketing agency’s mind.

We provide intuitive, responsive and perfectly engineered mobile app development and mobile websites. We know that our responsive technologies work for everyone and every device. If you don’t believe us, then check our website out on any device/operating system. Your business can’t afford to miss out on the mobile market. Talk to us today about your mobile strategy. Contact Smarter Digital Marketing Mobile App Design Agency to begin the process of designing and developing your mobile app solution.

Example Mobile App Development

Mobile vs Desktop Internet Traffic


The rise of mobile apps and mobile app development

Internet users are now spending longer amounts of time on their mobile phone than in previous years. Various technologies, such as geo-location targeting and mobile tagging, allow companies to deliver more relevant marketing messages to the consumer. This has resulted in a new way of approaching mobile marketing and making any mobile app design agency indispensable to new businesses. In 2008, it was estimated that mobile devices would overtake desktop devices as the main source of traffic for businesses, such as a digital marketing agency Glasgow. In 2014, we reached the tipping point: the number of global users for mobile devices has surpassed the number of desktop users (1.9 billion compared to 1.7 billion). Since 2015, consumers in the US also spend more time interacting with digital media marketing on mobile platforms (51% of all users) compared to desktop (42% of all users).

Although web design in Glasgow is still an important factor in digital media marketing, as it affects both desktop and mobile users, more and more venue is being generated through mobile apps.

Key Skills

At Smarter Digital Marketing, our infographic creation process is simple with numerous benefits your business can see working.

  • Android / Java
  • iOS / X Code
  • .NET / Xamarin
  • C # / C++
  • User Experience
  • Front-End / Back-End Development

The Strategy

Smarter Digital Marketing can enable your organisation to benefit from the growing use of mobile devices. The growth in smartphones and other mobile devices has fuelled a demand for mobile apps, and if your business or organisation is going to compete with everyone else out there then investing in a mobile app is the way forward. This is where Smarter Digital Marketing step in; our experience in app design makes us the perfect choice for any business looking for a mobile app design agency. With experience across all forms of digital marketing Glasgow and design, we have the skills and capabilities to deliver an end product that you will be satisfied with.

The way people consume information, shop, and carry out research has changed; consumers want a way of accessing information on the go so that their Internet use can fit in with their busy lifestyles and make day to day living easier. Mobile apps are a perfect way for a business to allow their customers to do this.

Mobile Internet Use – An Ever Increasing Trend

Statistics demonstrate the changing face of Internet use. According to Super Monitor, 91% of people now have a mobile phone and 56% of consumers have a smart phone – these are all potential customers. In addition, the stats reveal the following information:

  • 72% of consumers’ state that they make purchases from a mobile device every week
  • More than half of consumers will look for local services using a smartphone
  • 50% are dependent on their mobile phone for accessing the Internet – Smarter Digital Marketing can improve your chances of meeting those potential customers.

Benefits of mobile apps

There are some considerable benefits that can be gained from implementing a mobile app. These include:

  • The ability for the consumer to get real-time information as and when they want it.
  • By investing in a mobile app, your company has the potential to attract many more customers.
  • A mobile app can serve as an important part of your overall business branding.
  • The higher visibility gained from using a mobile app can help to increase business and improve turnover.
  • Having a mobile app implemented can help to increase customer loyalty, which is essential to any business if it is going to thrive.
  • Consumers will appreciate being able to access the information that they want when they want it, and this will give you an advantage over competitors that do not yet have a mobile app.
  • Retailers can offer mobile app users discounts and time-limited special offers, encouraging extra sales.


We build and develop Android and iOS mobile apps which integrate with your existing systems and CRM.

Why choose Smarter Digital Marketing?

Whether you want to be able to provide your customers with the ability to shop from their mobile device, offer consumers the opportunity to get the latest news while they are on the move, use an app to improve branding, or promote your business then Smarter Digital Marketing can deliver what you need. We have a proven track record in delivering quality mobile apps that are customised to meet your specific needs and deliver results for your organisation and your visitors. When it comes to finding a mobile app design agency, you will find no better option.

To find out more about our full range of mobile app development services, contact Smarter Digital Marketing on 0141 374 2165 or e-mail info@smarterdigitalmarketing.co.uk

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