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How can an animated video glasgow increase your online sales?

An increasing number of marketers are turning to animated video for business promotion, but why is this and what are the benefits of using animated video to help increase your sales?

The reason is simple: there are literally billions of consumers out there who are known to watch online video, and companies that specialise in animated video can help your business to reach them. Once an animated video for business promotion has been created, it can help improve your online sales due to the following factors:

  • Conversion Rates

    According to research from ComScore, animated video plays a vital role in making sure customers stay on your site, thus making them more likely to buy something. There is a good reason for this: it is far easier to engage with your potential customers by using animated video then it is by using written material. Consumers are better able to absorb the content from a video and are far more likely to understand the message the company is trying to convey, and statistics show this makes them more likely to turn into a conversion; figures from ComScore show consumers are 64% more likely to make a purchase from a site that uses video as part of its digital marketing efforts.

  • Shareability

    Statistics show that 41% of shoppers are far more likely to share video content relating to a product then they are to share content in other formats such as articles.

  • Consumer Confidence

    The better a consumer can understand your product or service, the more likely they are to purchase. According to research, nearly 60% of consumers who watch a product promotion video say they are more likely to buy a product, and even less likely to return the product once it is purchased.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Many consumers now rely on mobile devices to access the Internet and it has been estimated that in 2014, more than 80 million consumers would use their mobile devices to watch a video online. By catering for this ever growing market of potential customers by using video animation as part of your digital marketing glasgow, you have a much better chance of gaining new business and increasing sales.

The benefits of video animation in Glasgow

The benefits of video animation in Glasgow.

There are numerous benefits in employing our design agency to create video animation in Glasggow which will promote your brand. Detailed below are just some of the ways that your company can benefit from using a custom made animated video to build awareness of your product or service.

Improved Visibility.

With a customised animated brand video, it is easier to promote your company’s name by taking advantage of high traffic sites like YouTube. Millions of marketers now use YouTube as a marketing platform, and as it is one of the world’s most visited websites, it provides an excellent opportunity to promote your business at no cost. A YouTube video also has the potential to go viral and reach a much wider audience.

Better communication.

Sometimes, it is better to explain something in video format than it is in a written post. This form of communication can help to get your company’s message across with much greater clarity than written forms of communication, and it provides a way to better engage with customers and visitors as well, thus helping to build a better customer relationship.

Why is animation essential for your digital strategy?

The Importance of animation in marketing and digital strategy.

In recent years, marketers have increasingly turned to animation marketing videos to help promote their products and services online. Animation marketing is an extremely effective way of promoting a business when it is used properly and it offers many advantages to any organisation as part of its digital marketing and web development glasgow strategy. Animated marketing videos can be used to present the latest company news, create a compelling introduction to your business, its products, and the staff that work for it, or for adding customer testimonials or reviews to help strengthen your brand and to communicate to consumers that your business is one that can be trusted. Here are three of the main reasons animation marketing is essential for your digital strategy:

Increase sales.

It had been proven that companies that use animation marketing are more likely to get sales and there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, animated marketing is shown to improve your sites visibility, and content that is in video format has a higher likelihood of being shared. Furthermore, consumers are more confident about making a purchase when they have viewed a company or product video. Another reason why animation marketing is effective at increasing sales is because of the improved SEO. The easier people can find your site, the more customers it will attract. Combined with other SEO services glasgow, animation marketing can have real impact on your web traffic.

How do we make animated videos work for your brand?

Choose animated motion graphics in Glasgow to help promote your brand.

Animation marketing videos can make a huge difference to the success of your online marketing efforts, but unless they have all of the key elements in place, they are unlikely to be a success. Detailed in this article are the five components that we will use to ensure that our animated video will work for your brand.


A professional script will be convincing and entice your potential customer to find out more, but without using pressure tactics to get them to purchase. Our scripts will be natural and realistic so it appeals to the everyday consumer and it will engage them so they pay close attention to your message.

Professional Voice Over.

Different marketing videos will require different approaches. A professional voice over artist will understand how to adapt their tone so that the video appeals to your target market.

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