The only way which you will be able to sell your products or services online is if you create a unique proposition and actively engage buyers. A strong pay-per-click campaigns aims to do this. The reason pay-per-click is so successful is that it attracts attention from a selective target audience. Overall advertising costs are reduced as the audience viewing the adverts are more likely to convert as this form of advertising is targeted finely.

As the adverts you create are sponsored links on the search engine results page your advert will only appear under a specific search phrase which people type in. The benefit of this is that you only pay for clicks. The real cost of pay-per-click campaigns lie in how competitive the marketplace which you are operating in is, how well-known your product or service is and the amount of budget you have allocated.

Before you decide on setting up a pay-per-click strategy make sure to have a good think about exactly what you want to achieve. Ask yourself, who are you wanting to target? You should also have a common aim. You might want to increase your sales, stimulate website sign-ups or generate enquiries.

There are a plentiful supply of advertising networks which you can use. Google Adwords, Yahoo Bing Ads are among the most popular and cover the largest share of search users. You will need to identify keywords which have a high search demand and set your bids accordingly. Once you think about these elements you can then design engaging adverts and landing pages to increase conversions. A great bit of advice is to include a call-to-action with every advert to provide the searcher with a stimulation to visit your website.

Constant monitoring and management while performing A/B testing is the key to a successful and profitable ppc campaign. As mentioned previously, using specific search queries, which have a high search demand, will help you better target your audience and refine your approach. Once you have a successful formula for converting visitors into customers you should consider increasing your advertising spend.

“Pay-per-click is like a supermarket putting fruit at the front of the store – you put the right thing in front of people at the right time.”

Advertising On The Display Network

We know every customer is different. We will formulate and implement a tailored SEO strategy especially for your business.

Some businesses may benefit from placing adverts on Google’s display network. This is another option of advertising your products or services. With this approach it is completely difference than advertising through a sponsored text link which appears on search results pages.

Choosing to advertise on the display networks means you have the option of placing your adverts on sites which are owned by Google and its partners, therefore, the sites which are selected are relevant to your market.

For example, if you ran an online shop selling clothes then your ad might appear on a fashion forum. The visitors to the forum are likely to be your target market, however, there is also the option that they may just be looking for information when they visit the site.

Ultimately, this means potential customers will only click your advert if they are given a real reason to do so. You also have the option of managing manage your own display placement using Google’s placement tool, or you can leave it up to Google to decide where to place your adverts.

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