Important SEO Trends 2018

Much like any other industry, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Every year there are new trends and strategies that take the field by storm. It means that companies have to constantly keep evolving in order to stay ahead of the trends. Search Engine Optimisation is a complex tool but one that when done right is highly beneficial to every company. That is why companies like Smarter Digital Marketing are becoming more and more important. These experts are able to stay one step ahead and easily adjust to new trends. These are some of the SEO trends in 2018 to look out for.

The Growth of SERP Features

Most people are going to assume that once you get that number one organic ranking on Google that they have fully optimised traffic on to their webpage. This isn’t the case anymore. Search Engine Result Pages (or SERP) features such as local packs, knowledge panels and featured snippets are becoming increasingly important in the world of SEO. For example, featured snippets are those questions that come up when you search in Google, you are able to drop the box down and get an answer. Google crawls pages in order to find the most suitable answer to a popular query. It has become increasingly important to track rankings for these different features as well as seeing what features come up for your keywords. They have already started taking attention and clicks away from organic searches.

Using Structured Data

Structured data is a way of formatting a HTML using a specific vocabulary. In turn, this tells the search engine how to read the content and will show how to display it on the search engine result pages. This will then allow you to enhance your search listings through things such as rich snippets and knowledge graph panels. While Google has never said that these influence where you rank it has been seen to increase the click-through rates (CTR), which gets more traffic into your content.

Faster Pages = Improved SEO

Speed is a key factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. First of all, the speed that your website loads at is a ranking signal for Google. It also affects the User Experience (UX) on your page. UX also impacts Google rankings. Google has said that is expected that pages should load within three seconds. So by making sure you’re fast, you’ll ensure that you won’t be last.

Be Relevant

There was a time that you would be able to trick Google into thinking you had great content – even when you didn’t. However, times have changed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to deceive Google. In fact, you are punished in SEO rankings if you try and do so. Google now looks at billions of pages and the terms and content within them. By doing this it learns what terms are related and starts to build expectations of where they are going to appear. This has meant that Google is now able to decide what content is ample for searches. Having good content matters now more than ever.

The Rise of the Voice Search

Voice search is becoming a massive part of digital marketing. Google has reported that 55% of teens and 40% of adults are using the voice search feature on a daily basis. The ratio of this way of searching is growing faster than traditional type searches. This has meant a whole new way of doing keyword research for SEO. People won’t use traditional, clunky search terms when speaking. They will use standard, conversation sentences in their searches.

Mobile Matters

Over half (57%) of Google searches now come from mobile devices. This is thanks to many factors such as easier accessibility and voice searches. Mobile friendliness is also a factor when it comes to SEO rankings as well as the impending introduction of a mobile-first index from Google. Now is the time to make sure that your website looks good and is easy to use on your iPhone and Android devices.