Coronavirus Impact on Marketing & eCommerce – The Numbers

The ongoing coronavirus situation has impacted our lives in more ways than we expected, from our social interactions to our spending habits. It has been incredibly problematic for businesses and individuals up and down the country, and much of the hard data behind what is happening is only just coming to light. We have managed to scoop up some of the numbers that elude to the true quantifiable effects that this completely novel situation has brought about. If you are involved in any sort of…

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coronavirus statement

Business As Usual – Coronavirus Update Statement

Throughout the coronavirus lockdown period, we are making a commitment to all our existing clients that we will still be here working through these tough times, continuing our marketing activities as usual. Our team is currently working diligently from home and we are pleased to report that, after a brief adjustment period, our productivity levels are sky-high. We know that many businesses are desperate to get back to work and start earning money. We are currently taking on new clients that…

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