Nelio Content is the latest plug-in to take our fancy here at SDM.

We manage content across a huge number of websites, so keeping track of the publication of this content can become a bit of a headache.

Scheduling blogs and other types of content is essential if you are pumping out a lot of posts like we are.

We have used a few plugins in the past, but they have always felt a little bit lacking in terms of usability and functionality.

Nelio Content has been a revolution in scheduling our content and managing our social campaign calendar.

We wanted to publish a post (scheduled of course) showing the world what exactly it is capable of, so here goes.


Nelio Content Tool

Nelio Content is a WordPress plugin which helps you save time managing the editorial and social sharing process.

It has a multifunctional social media calendar that allows you to share to pretty much all the major social platforms.

There are currently 2 main versions of this WordPress plugin:

The free version is great to get an overview as to what Nelio is capable of, but for complete access to all the features, Premium is the way to go.

Getting Started

Linking accounts to your website is a breeze and means you can have all your social accounts in one place.


nelio social media manager

Nelio Social Media Calendar

Once you have added your accounts to the plugin from the Settings page, you can then start filling up your social calendar.

One thing we love about this calendar is that it is highly visual, and lets you see exactly what content is going where and at what time.

Time means you can quickly see how your various campaigns are scheduled and make adjustments on the fly.

Nelio social media calendar

Setting Up Templates

Next step is to create a few templates so that you can quickly set up and schedule your posts.

There are a few templates already pre-made but you can also make your own ones quickly and easily.

You can make your own templates for each social site, different authors and even categories.

nelio content social media

Sharing Posts To Your Social Channels

There are two ways you can share new posts on your social media:

  • From the calendar
  • From the post itself

The calendar view is a great way to plan and schedule multiple posts across multiple platforms, while posting from the actual post is a great way to share posts as you go.

You also have the option to do one-click automatic content promotion when you publish any content.

Sharing Posts from The Calendar

Head to the Nelio Content tab in WordPress then click Calendar.

You will then see the month’s calendar view, where you can quickly add new posts to your schedule.

You can drag posts around to other days, add messages to your team and quickly form a strategy for that month’s social activities.

Sharing Content from a Post

If you want to have a more informal strategy and simply share content as you go, you can do so from the bottom of any post, page or product.

Once your post is finished and published on your site, simply scroll down to Nelio’s social publisher at the bottom of the post.

Then you can hit ‘Add Social Message’ where you can select your social platforms and accounts.

You can also edit the message you will send with the content, and the time and date you want to publish.

Once you hit save, the content will go out to your platforms.


social media scheduling


One-Click Auto-Publish

Nelio also has a greatly simplified publication process that pulls together all your setting from your templates and calendar.

This allows you to do easy one-click promotion of all your posts without having to fill in all the settings.

From the bottom of the post, just hit ‘Fill Automatically,’ and Nelio will automatically schedule the post to each of your social platforms and use the templates you have saved as a guide.

This is a huge time saver, and if you are doing multiple posts a day across a few different websites, it can really help speed up the entire process.


auto fill nelio content

Summing Up

Any integrated publishing tools should be easy to use and advantageous to your organisation.

Nelio Content definitely ticks both of these boxes.

It does exactly what it says on the tin, and its basic features are well worth the free install.

There is no push towards the premium version, however if you want more advanced features such as follow up messages and more control of our content scheduling.