SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it refers to the security technology that is responsible for creating an encrypted link between a server and its clients.

In other words, it keeps the users of a website secure while they browse and enter information on the site.

It not only matters because of safety concerns, but it also greatly affects a websites SEO and therefore its search rankings.



The Relationship Between SSL and SEO

Google has always placed great emphasis on the importance of safety and transparency. This is why SSL actually plays a big role in the ranking of your website in search results.

Google will always favour a website with an SSL certificate over a site that has no encryption, therefore SSL becomes a key part of any SEO campaign.



Find Out If You’re Covered

It’s easy to check if your current website has an SSL certificate.  The first part of your website address, or URL, tells you if your site is encrypted or not.



If it is encrypted, your URL will start with https://

If it is not, the URL will simply display http://




No SSL Will Penalise Your Website

google ssl

Google announced in 2018 that it would be marking all websites without an SSL certificate as ‘Not Secure,’ and they have been penalising unencrypted sites since 2015.

Some browsers will also display an icon next to the URL if it is secure, for example, Google Chrome displays a padlock if the site has an SSL certificate.

This means that your potential customers will be met with a warning that your website is not safe and they will have to manually allow access to your site.





SSL Migration

visibility chart

We have helped many companies migrate their existing website over to a secure SSL encrypted URL.

They always come back to us amazed that such a small change could result in a major boost to their incoming traffic.

An SSL certificate gives your website more authority in the eyes of Google, and therefore adds to your overall visibility score.

No SSL? No Problem

At Smarter, we can build you a site with encryption tools built-in, including SSL, which gives you the best possible start for SEO.

We can also help with all aspects of security on an existing site, whether you need a complete overhaul of your website with SSL incorporation, or a simple migration of your website over to an encrypted platform.

Make sure you are protecting yourself and your customers with this vital technology that helps your website not only stay secure, but also perform well on search engine results.



SSL Encryption



SSL certificates encrypt the connection between your customers and your website.  This means that any sensitive information entered like usernames and passwords are secure.



card securitySSL encryption is required if you want to take online payments.  If you have an online business and you are trading online, you need an SSL with 128-bit encryption or you could be in violation of Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations.



shield SSL certificates give your website and brand added authority.  It lets visitors know that you take their information seriously and give them the assurance that they can visit your site in safety.



handshakeSSL creates trust between you and potential customers.  It forms the foundation of the online relationship between you and your customers.

Frequently asked questions

In short, yes, if you don’t have one the browser will display a big red warning on your browser saying “Your connection is not private”

We offer two types of SSL certificate: £100 + vat (non Branded SSL) and £300 + vat (Branded SSL)

If you own an e-commerce store specific SSL certificates guarantee up to £100,000 in sales.

SSL certificates keep your data private and secure from anyone else. For example, when you are purchasing online or using a form to send personal information.

SSL certificates usually last 12 months, 24 months or 60 months depending on which certificate you purchase.

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