What is Content Writing?

Content writing plays a crucial role in capturing your customers attention in the busy online landscape of the internet.

You can spend as much money on marketing and SEO as you want, but if your customers land on a website that has poorly written content that doesn’t have any sort of resonance with them, they are unlikely to go any further.

Content writing comes in various forms, and each of these forms must be tailored for the application and target audience.

Each style must be written with a particular voice, and good content writers know the difference between each.

Have a look at some of the main content styles:


Personable, friendly and relatable


Accurate, specific and referenced


Short, persuasive and engaging


Clear, researched and legitimate

No matter which style of content you are writing, whether it is a fun blog or a detailed product description, good research and accurate content are essential.

SEO Content Writing

You could be the best author in the world, but if you cannot implement some basic SEO tactics into your content writing then no one will read it because no one will ever find it.

Quality of content comes first, then it needs some key signals to give Google a nudge so that it appears in the right places.

Not all content writers know how to execute good SEO tactics, and not all SEO practitioners know how to write great content.

The best content writers make sure that the quality of their writing is put first, whilst keeping on top of the ever-changing search engine algorithms so that their content ranks highly on SERP.

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Content Originality

Repurposing someone else’s content and passing it off as original is actually fairly common in the online realm.

There is nothing wrong with gathering information from other places, but if you just copy someone else content and change a few words, it can be painfully obvious.

Not only can you get caught out by consumers, but you can also get caught out by Google.

Google has clever ways of detecting plagiarism, and it can penalise your rankings and even de-index your content altogether, meaning that it will not show up in SERPs.

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Content For Businesses

Consumers love to know that the companies they are considering play an active part in the customer-consumer relationship.

The internet and the prevalence of social media platforms mean that companies can now have a constant stream of communication between the community and individuals.

Companies now provide help and support through Facebook Messenger, and they usually publish several posts a day advertising products, showcasing industry news, and other content that brings value to the consumer experience.

content writing social media

This is the world we now live in, and the truth is that your website has to be the overarching beacon for these platforms, with less emphasis on quantity and more on quality.

That is why a weekly website blog is a perfect way to help your customers stay connected to you and your brand, so make sure you don’t miss this prime way of capturing your target market’s attention.

Start Writing Great Content That Influences Consumers

Okay so you’re ready to start writing great content, but what are some of the key things to consider?

As previously mentioned, you must know the voice that you should be writing in as this dictates the entire process, and will ensure the effectiveness of your content.

Here are some key tips for writing great content that resonates with consumers and brings in traffic to your website:

Make a Plan

Draft out the purpose of the content, how you are going to present it and it’s target audience and keywords.

Have a Great Heading

Spend time getting a heading that jumps off the page and creates necessity.

Make it Entertaining

Don’t waffle and don’t just fill the page. Prove value and entertainment to your readers.

Use Visuals

Take time selecting great images for your content, and use video and gifs where necessary.

Find an Angle

Don’t just say what everyone else is saying, try to find a good take on the subject you are writing about.

Make it Actionable

Help the reader take action. Instead of just saying what they should do, show them how to do it.

Check Your Spelling

Simple enough, but bad spelling and grammar will make your content look amateur.

Smarter Digital Marketing Office

On top of all this, you have to implement some strong SEO signals for search engines to rank your content so that it gets seen.

If you do all this, your blogs will hit their mark, but it takes practise and a lot of hours to get blogs performing as well as they could be.

Luckily we have been writing award-winning content for over 7 years and can tailor our writing styles to all manner of areas for any marketplace.

We can implement content writing into a specific SEO plan for you, and funnel new interest into all areas of your online channels.

Speak to us today for more details about growing your online presence and increasing traffic through SEO and PPC.

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