The idea behind the creation of the very first Instagram auto follower (IG bot) was to enable users to engage efficiently with other accounts through automated features.

They allow users to perform actions such as following, liking and commenting through automation.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has become the hottest platform and the hardest place for growing an engaged audience.

The key is to be consistently active, create content and interact with other accounts, but this can be hard to keep up every day.

So should you be using an Instagram auto follower to grow your following?

If you have been recently debating whether you should use an Instagram auto follower (Instagram bot or Instagram liker bot), but you’re not so sure about it, then keep reading and by the end, you will know about the pros and cons.

How Can An Instagram Auto Follower Help?

Since an Instagram auto follower is basically a software, you need to program the bot first, if you want it to do all the work.

The software allows you to narrow down and select your preferred parameters such as specific hashtags and accounts relevant to your niche, so the bot can easily search, target and follow them automatically.

While there are no guarantees at how fast your audience can grow, in general, people on social media follow back the accounts that follow and interact with them.

With that in mind, the more visible you are, the quicker people will notice your profile, content and brand. If they like what they see, the chances are they will follow and interact.

But before using a bot as part of your Instagram marketing, it is important to consider both its positive and negative aspects.

instagram auto followerWhat Are the Pros of Using An Instagram Auto Follower?

1. Easy, Quick and Efficient

An Instagram auto follower can engage on your behalf and manage your account 24 hours a day, non-stop.

More importantly, the bots can interact with other accounts according to their time zone, which increases your exposure at the right time.

In summary, the bots are faster than you at finding relevant users to your niche and can manage time far more effectively.

2. Boost Your Followers

They eliminate the need to manually search through various accounts to find potential users to connect with because the bot can take care of it instead.

You can also program your bot to follow back any account that follows you.

3. Engaged Followers

One of the best benefits of using an Instagram auto follower is that those who notice you and decide to follow back will most likely engage with your account.

You have a higher chance of receiving instant likes and comments from those who your bot has interacted with on Instagram.

Instant exposure also increases your brand awareness and helps with generating leads and conversions.

4. Real Followers

There are many services who sell followers, but with an IG bot, you can attract real people instead.

Fake accounts do not offer any or real engagement at all and will not have a positive impact on your business growth.

instagram auto follower

What Are the Cons?

1. Reputational Damage

Bots, unlike humans, do not understand a post, its context and captions. They are purely designed to like and comment based on the hashtags of a post.

For example, you may have programmed your bot to target ‘cute dog’ hashtags and leave a generic comment like ‘very nice’ or ‘cute’.

Since the IG bot will not be able to understand what a post is actually about, it could accidentally leave that comment on someone’s post, who is grieving over their dead dog.

Unfortunately, there is not a way that you can track and scan the comments left by your bot either.

With no control over what is being published on other accounts, you can quickly run into conflicts online, which can easily damage or completely ruin your reputation.

2. Low Quality Engagement

The reality is, although an IG bot can follow other accounts but leaving automated comments on your behalf will not gain you quality engagement.

This is because if you choose to automate comments, you will generally have no choice but to create generic ones to make sure that no lines are crossed.

As people are becoming more aware of these bots, no one will be interested in a simple ‘thank you’ on their post, therefore you will most likely see no real engagement.

You need a real engaged audience, who will comment on your post, discuss and advertise your brand, which creates loyalty and a sense of community around it.

3. Disorganised Feed

If you care about your relevant following then this one can be a big deal.

An Instagram auto follower is going to continuously follow people, which will quickly make your feed impossible to scroll through.

4. Shadowban

If you get shadowbanned, Instagram will hide your content from other accounts who do not follow you and this can have a huge impact on your account growth.

Users looking through posts of specific hashtags that you have included, will still not see your posts if you have been shadowbanned.

This is a real issue for those who use their platform purely for business because they will only be visible to their current audience.

So how does it happen? It’s simple, violation of Instagram’s term of use.

Some Instagram auto followers access the platform’s API without permission.

As a matter of fact, one of the most popular bots called Instagress was shut down by Instagram for breaching its term of use.

There are of course ways to work around the shadowban, and that is to stick to your niche, take it slow, don’t maximise the bot’s activity.

Finally, make sure to do some of the work yourself to add human touch into your account’s interactions.

instagram auto follower