WordPress recently rolled out its most recent update for its platform – WordPress 5.5.

As is standard practice with any update, the internet responded with cries of outrage, citing the new update as the end of the internet as we know it.

On the whole, WordPress 5.5 is a success, but their decision to remove the outdated jQuery Migrate function is the cause behind a lot of broken sites.

For WordPress themes and plugins that are using older versions of jQuery scripts, the update will most likely cause some conflict, however, there is a solution.

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Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

This was WordPress’s solution to the problem of outdated jQuery scripts that were breaking websites all around the world.

jQuery Migrate Helper used to exist within the WordPress Core, but have opted to remove it as they focus on modernising the WordPress Platform.

Now this jQuery Migrate tool comes in the form of a plugin from WordPress themselves.

The problem is, this plugin will not actually fix your website, it will just make it display properly again.

The problem actually lies with an outdated plugin or theme, and if you want a permanent fix for your site, you need to update the plugins that are causing issues.

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Updating Your WordPress Plugins

If you have installed WordPress 5.5 and you are having issues, first check if there is an update available for your plugins.

If you are having problems with a slider displaying incorrectly for example, it is likely that your slider will need to be updated.

If an update has not yet been provided, there is a high chance that the developer is working on one.

Check to see if there has been a recent update to the plugin, as this is usually a good indicator that the plugin is being well looked after.

If there has not been an update in over a year, there is a high probability that the plugin has been abandoned.

If this is the case, we recommend that you find another plugin that can do the same thing, as outdated plugins do pose a substantial security risk.


2,000 Plugins With jQuery Issues

If you are finding a few broken elements on your site, don’t worry, you are not the only one facing these issues.

Initial reports are showing that there are around 2,400 plugins that are not compatible with the new WordPress version.

While this number is expected to drop in the coming weeks, it is still a substantial amount that will be causing issues for users.

There has also been a total of 200 themes that were seeing issues with the absence of jQuery Migrate.

If you are having this problem, make sure you try to update the theme first, and if this doesn’t help, then install the jQuery Migrate plugin.

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Closing Thoughts

Just like with any updates, there is always going to be teething problems, but there are valuable lessons to be learned from these events.

If you are using outdated plugins that have not been updated in years, not only will your elements break when you update, you are also putting yourself at a serious security risk.

Outdated plugins should be avoided at all costs, so if you should be updating them on a regular basis, and deleting any that do not receive regular updates.

If you are having any problems with the latest WordPress update, get in touch with the experts at Smarter for help and advice.