Landing Page Optimisation

Creating successful landing pages means focusing on collecting data.

You should design your landing pages based on what you already know about your customers.

Be upfront about who you are and keep your offer consistent on the landing page.

It’s best to collect even more information as more people visit your website.

Landing pages fail to convert for many reasons, but this lies in a misunderstanding of what the prospect wants or expects.

If you don’t accurately cater for your website visitor’s needs, or expectations then your conversion rates will suffer.

Some things that may not work:

  • Confusing landing page design
  • Poorly written headlines
  • Confusion between ad copy and landing page copy
  • Unrecognisable calls to action (CTAs)

For paid advertising, having fewer links on your landing page has been proven to increase conversion rates as there are fewer available distractions.

This is why digital marketers using paid advertising always have a specific landing page for the destination page.

Landing page elements to consider

Consider the following when designing your landing pages:

  • How appealing is the ad?
  • How likely are you to take action because of this ad (e.g. call or visit your business)?
  • How likely are you to buy this product?
  • How appealing does the company make the product?
  • How is easy is it to understand the purpose of the ad?

Advertisers can show different versions of the visual design, content, and layout, providing only one element is changed and tested each time.

If you use a survey, versus live A/B testing, you can your users why they chose an ad.

You’ll gain more trust by clearly communicating your business and what you provide. The more a user trusts you, the more likely they will be prepared to convert on the landing page. Either by contact form, or by phone.

Average duration of visit

Looking at how much time the visitors spend on your landing page can tell you whether the content you have written is valuable for your audience, or not.

Providing website visitors with relevant materials on your landing page and tracking to see how long their sessions are means you can analyse where creating particular content is worthwhile for them.

The main point is to ensure that content is well written and provides value.

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