Choosing Relevant Keywords for PPC

Picking a theme or set of keywords for your campaigns can be difficult and time consuming.

Using competitor analysis SEO tools and market research data we can estimate the volume of traffic which you could potentially receive via Paid Search.

For example, Google Keyword Planner Tool & Ahrefs provide insights, actions and recommendations on a keyword level.

The organic keyword report on Ahrefs details the best performing keywords for the chosen website.

This is great for competitor analysis and finding keywords to rank for.

organic keywords

See-Think-Do-Care Framework

Using Google’s see, think, do, care framework we can organise keyword themes and groups based on their purchase intent, and at what stage of the purchase cycle the customer is at.

ppc table

This framework is helpful as it allows you to effectively map out the customer journey in keyword format.

Commercial vs informational keywords

It’s important to decide whether a keyword has informational or commercial intent.

Commercial intent keywords are generally only relevant for transactional searches.

If keywords can be considered “signals” from prospective customers, keywords with commercial intent are the most promising.

Consequently, low intent based keywords are those that are either navigational or informational.

Typically, you will tend to find these types of keywords do not convert as well as if they were at the beginning of the purchase cycle.


Competitor Ads

Identifying what competitor ads are working can be tricky.

Using SEM Rush, Ahrefs or any other SEO tool to analyse ads is a good start.

Once you have crawled a competitor’s website it’s a good idea to manually sift through their keyword and ad list and remove anything that is irrelevant for your business.

Main keyword + location search terms

Combining your main keyword (for example SEO) + Location (Glasgow) you can start to appear high up on the search results page locally.

Customers are conditioned to search using their location as this delivers local results, which the majority of people are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

We use the Google see, think, do framework for selecting keywords. Our team also pick keywords based on demand and competition in the marketplace.

There are long tail and short tail (more general) keyword strategies. We use a mix of both in our campaigns. You also have commercial search terms, research based search terms and non- transactional search terms.

Yes, we use Ahrefs and other third party SEO tools to analyse which keywords your competitors are receiving their traffic from.

Depending on your goals we can target locations and citys for your campaign.

It usually takes 3-5 days to complete an audit, which comprises of keyword research and competitor analysis.

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