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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Managing a PPC campaign is a time consuming task requiring detailed, expert knowledge in the areas of PPC marketing and inner workings of Google’s guidelines. Trying to run these alongside your own day-to-day business – which may be in a completely unrelated area – can provide unnecessary stress and end up wasting both your time and money.

This is where Smarter Digital Marketing come in. With over five years’ experience of researching competitive markets, setting up campaigns, and managing the resulting PPC campaigns, we have the knowledge and expertise required to make your PPC campaign a success. Whether your budget is large or small, we will be able to provide you with the conversion rates required to make it a worthwhile investment.

We are PPC specialists. Our team of Google certified AdWords experts are qualified and experienced across the core PPC functions – Search, Shopping, and Display.

What is PPC Marketing and Why Do You Need a PPC Agency?

Pay Per Click (PPC) has been shown to be one of the most effective and quantifiable marketing techniques available. It has, however, become more and more complex over the years as more businesses have begun to use it as a main marketing technique. This has resulted in a constantly increasing set of rules and variables companies need to comply with to return the desired results.

The largest of the PPC providers is that well known internet behemoth, Google. As a certified Google Partner digital marketing agency glasgow, we have a deep and solid understanding of the requirements Google lay out to allow for a successful PPC campaign. All of our digital marketers are certified google partners for AdWords, meaning your campaign will be worked on by someone with a high level of understanding with regards to Google AdWords PPC campaigns.

PPC Marketing Alongside Other Marketing Techniques

PPC has come along in leaps and bounds since its conception and implementation in 1996, when it was a simple case of the highest bidder being guaranteed the top ranking in search results. Today, PPC covers a wide area of marketing techniques within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It has expanded into Google Shopping, Search Remarketing, and Gmail Sponsored promotions. The number of new businesses now relying on Google AdWords to get be discovered by potential customers is now well past a million.

While it cannot be denied that the results of PPC marketing glasgow alone are quite extraordinary, integrating it alongside other marketing techniques maximises the potential returns.

Smarter Digital Marketing PPC Campaign Management and You

It is all too easy to rush the research and setup of a campaign. This will almost certainly result in your PPC marketing budget going to waste, alongside the time you and your team have invested in the setup.

At our Glasgow digital marketing agency, we take the time to learn about your business, your goals, and the campaign objectives before we even begin the research. Through a full and complete understanding of your desired outcome – as well as the overall purpose and objectives of the business – we are able to tailor a campaign that give good return on your marketing budget. We will be able to highlight and target the correct keywords and areas of business that suit your business and generate the correct leads for your company.

Google Adwords has 4 main benefits


You get reports on a regular basis highlighting different aspects of the campaign. Our experienced digital marketers are also contactable at any time during business hours to provide support when needed.

Data Driven Analysis

All AdWords campaigns are linked to Google Analytics, Google’s powerful data gathering and analysis system, so we can measure all aspects of your campaign, such as conversions, click rates, and web traffic.


You will have access to the campaign portal where you can see what we are doing on your behalf.

Certified AdWords professionals

Your account and campaigns will be managed by a certified AdWords professional.

Honest and Transparency in Communication and Reporting

At Smarter Digital Marketing, we like to keep open lines of communication in our office. Any issues that arise are discussed openly and clearly, with all relevant input taken on board. It has made us the successful digital marketing agency that we are, and has allowed us to find alternative solutions to apparently unsolvable problems.

These same principles and practices that we hold dear in the office will be the same that we operate by when dealing with your PPC campaign. You will have full read access to your campaign dashboard, showing you the facts and figures exactly as we see them. This means no figure smudging or withholding of the facts.

We work hard at Smarter Digital Marketing and are more than happy to show off this fact in an honest manner.

With regards to the accounts, we always work within existing PPC accounts. If we create a new account for you, it belongs to you. All of our work is your own intellectual property

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