Running a not for profit organisation can bring financial challenges, especially when considering marketing your cause. Most charities will spend on average 2% – 3% of their operations costs on marketing alone.

A minimal budget does not go very far, and as such, your organisation may struggle to gain its legs without getting as much out of your money in marketing as possible.

In recognition of this, Google has started to offer a solution where you can apply for grants to pay towards your advertising. Why is this such a huge opportunity for charities, and why should you apply?

Good Causes Deserve Great Support

Google AdWords works to aim your marketing campaign at the people you are wanting to join in your cause. Choose the keywords and terms that you are wanting to target for your charity without having to worry about the financial restraints. AdWords is the biggest and best form of digital advertising that brings the highest rates of success to you.

AdWords has great benefits for your charity, including:

  • Increased visibility online
  • Management of your keyword campaigns
  • Targeting of the demographics most likely to support your non-profit organisation
  • Potential for more donations and volunteers

Working with Google to achieve your charity’s goals for volunteers and donations means you will receive the full benefits and support of the AdWords programme. Your grant is applied directly to your account and you can manage your fund however you wish. Get your charity on the map and find out how much easier making a difference can be with Google.

What Can You Gain from Google AdWords Grants?

There is nothing to lose in applying for a not for profit Google Ad Grant. A charity needs visibility in the wider community to garner support, and how to do this is usually through an effective advertising campaign. Google AdWords is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing for both charities and businesses alike. Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second on average, and with an average click-through rate of 3.16% for AdWords search terms, there is no better way to get your charity noticed.

More than 1.17billion people use Google to find the websites they need. Imagine the number of people who could potentially find your non-profit’s website just by searching for a word related to your charity’s causes or drives. That is why AdWords is so crucial for many businesses and charities in the early growth stages. A grant could potentially give you thousands of views’ worth of exposure each week. There is truly no better way to market your organisation.

With your campaign up and running, you will be able to see which searches are bringing you the most volunteers and donations. Statistics are free to view and you can change your campaign however you need to target more successful keyword search areas for more traffic opportunities.

If being viewed is not enough, you could see a huge increase in the number of donations your organisation receives. Working alongside Google as a trusted charity working hard for your cause, and with your website visible to more people who will be interested in your work, you could see your donations rise in a similar manner to those of Direct Relief International, who have gathered $56,000 of donations in just one month with Google. What are you waiting for? Apply for your grant now and take full advantage of the best advertising opportunity your charity can receive.

How to Apply For Google AdWords Grants

The application process could not be simpler with five easy steps.

1.     See if you are Eligible

Thoroughly check through Google’s eligibility terms before you apply. If you meet these terms and Google AdWords is available in your country then you will be able to submit your charity for this scheme.

2.     Apply for a Google Non-Profits Account

Before you take any further steps, first register your charity with Google through the creation of a non-profits account. This will allow Google to recognise that you are a trusted charity.

3.     Choose Your Enrolment Option for Google Grants

There are two options to choose from when enroling for Google Ad Grants. Firstly, you can decide if your charity has minimal time to manage an AdWords account, you can choose AdWords Express, but if you would prefer a fully customised experience and full control of your campaigns, AdWords is the best solution. Set up GrantsPro and you are up and running.

4.     Set Up An AdWords Account

Simply set up an AdWords or AdWords express account for your charity that you can use right away, grant or not. Input all of the information required to get your campaign up and running such as target demographics and areas, and you will be set up for success.

5.     Submit

After you have done all of this, simply submit your account for review and Google will review your charity for access to potential AdWords grants. It’s that simple!

Watch Your Cause Flourish

With kind donations of up to £7,000 for AdWords, your charity’s outreach will be second to none. The Young Adults Programme found that with the help of a Google grant, their traffic went from an average of 1,000 to 80,000 visitors per month. That is the power of the right marketing channels, and your charity could reap similar benefits.

Google are known for supporting a number of great causes, and offering
Ad Grants to your charity, you could be part of a much wider success story. See the good a kind donation could do for you.