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PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of online advertising which allows you to pay a fee for each time someone clicks on your ad. Google Adwords is the most widely used tool for PPC advertising and PPC management in the world. As a digital agency in Manchester we can create effective ads for your business that will appear on Google’s search engine.
The way Adwords works is it operates on PPC bid strategies, meaning that you must decide how much to bid on each keyword to have your ad ranking higher. As a PPC agency in Manchester we can work with you to create and implement an effective PPC strategy that will improve your business’ PPC performance, leading to a higher CTR (click through rate) for your ads.

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Google AdWords Agency in Manchester

As a professional digital marketing agency in Manchester there are a whole range of services we can offer to our customers; one of which is PPC campaign management. Your business may be currently utilising SEO to improve your organic traffic but there is a number of ways our PPC agency in Manchester could improve your PPC Manchester campaign to increase the effectiveness of your paid search. From the moment you hire us as a digital marketing agency in Manchester we can take care of the following PPC services for your business:


On-Page Optimisation

PPC Audit

Response codes (301s, 302s, 404s etc.)

PPC Strategy


Shopping Ads

Conversion Tracking

Ad Extensions

Ad Copy

Keyword Research

PPC Optimisation

PPC Managment Manchester Services

These are just a few of the services we can provide as your PPC agency in Manchester. Our team of experts can assist you with the Manchester PPC management of your business. There is a huge amount of effort which goes into online advertising. At the early stages of PPC Manchester campaign management, we will conduct in-depth keyword research, taking into account important factors such as; relevancy, search volumes, CPC (cost per click) and competition.

We have a diverse range of clients and so we understand that every client is different and that is why we take the time to understand each client’s individual needs before selecting the appropriate keywords. Not only will we conduct all the research but from the moment you hire us as a PPC company in Manchester we will set up and monitor the campaign. This includes copywriting your ads to ensure they are optimised to deliver a high CTR, we will also track all your conversions to ensure that we can monitor and analyse the success of individual keywords and paid ads. We are unlike other digital marketing agencies in Manchester and offer a free consultation.

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If you are currently seeking PPC services to assist your business in the area of online advertising, then you have come to the right place. PPC management in Manchester is a long process and one which requires constant monitoring and the ability to adapt to an ever changing market place. In hiring us as a PPC agency in Manchester we can constantly monitor and improve any areas of the PPC campaign which may require improvements.

If you already have a PPC campaign but feel it is not delivering the results you had hoped for then contact us, as a professional digital marketing agency in Manchester we can carry out an in depth PPC audit for your business. In doing so we can highlight any areas which could be improved to maximise the results of your current campaign.

PPC Manchester Audit

As a digital marketing agency in Manchester we have carried out numerous PPC audits for our clients – it is a great way to continuously improve and build upon current PPC Manchester campaigns.

Our PPC agency in Manchester will highlight any areas of weakness within your current campaign. This is in order to allow us to identify ways to then improve your campaign. Although it is easy to make mistakes, it is also important to learn from these and improve. Our PPC management Manchester company can allow you to move forward from errors which are holding your campaign back.

After we have carried out our full PPC audit, if you decide to hire us as a PPC agency in Manchester then we will move forward in correcting any areas which we have highlighted in the audit.

Having a PPC audit carried out on your business is the only way to truly identify what is currently working and what is not. As a business, you may be too busy to look into this information on your own, or perhaps your in-house marketing team don’t have the software or PPC UK  knowledge to analyse you and your competitor’s current strategy. Hire our PPC agency in Manchester to reap the rewards from paid search.

The Benefits of a Manchester PPC Audit

If you are interested in us carrying out a PPC audit on behalf of your business, then we can aim to have this to you within 7 days. In carrying out a PPC audit we can see the health of your current PPC management in Manchester and identify ways in which your ads could be performing better – leading to a higher CTR.

Our PPC Audit includes:

  • Current Keyword Analysis
  • Campaign Structure – Ad groups, match types
  • Identification of New Keywords
  • Negative Keyword Suggestions
  • Ad Structures
  • Optimisation of Headings, Heading 2s & ad copy
  • Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Competitor Analysis – Paid Keywords, Ads

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PPC Management Manchester Strategies

After completing your PPC audit we can move forward with creating a PPC strategy that is right for you. Every business is different, this is why, as a PPC management company, we take the time to get to know your business, your competitors and the market your business operates in. In doing this we can collaborate with you to come up with a PPC strategy that will deliver the results you need.

PPC Manchester Keyword Research

Keywords are a crucial aspect of your PPC strategy. The keywords which you target must be relevant to what is offered on your website. If there is irrelevancy between your targeted keywords and website content then your ad spend will be wasted, with an incredibly high bounce rate.

As a PPC agency in Manchester we will analyse your current use of keywords and assess their relevancy, competition and how many clicks they are receiving. After doing this we will conduct our own research to identify new keywords. We have a number of tools which we can use to do this and may also draw inspiration from your high performing competitors.

We will base our keyword selection on various important aspects including; relevancy, search volumes, CPC and competition. We aim to provide our clients with a variation of keywords and their corresponding CPC. Therefore, we can select the most appropriate keywords based on your budget.

Not only this but we can identify negative keywords for your ad campaign. Negative keywords are one of the most overlooked but important aspects of any PPC campaign. Negative keywords are a type of keyword that stops your ad from showing up from certain search terms. If you are being found for keywords which are completely irrelevant for you and someone clicks on your ad to discover it is not what they are looking for, then your ad spend has been wasted on that click. As a PPC agency in Manchester we can ensure that your business isn’t being found for irrelevant terms.

PPC UK Ad Structure

How you structure ads are one of the most important aspects of Manchester PPC campaign management. You want your ads to be as large as possible – to ensure it takes up more space on the search results page. As your PPC agency in Manchester we will ensure that all your ads are well structured and expertly written.

As a professional PPC agency we understand the importance of utilising every space of your ad – from the headings to the extensions which can be used. Ad extensions are a great way to increase your CTR, as your digital marketing agency in Manchester we can ensure every aspect of your ad is performing highly. More than this we make an effort to run a series of test ads, to identify which will produce the best results for your business.

Manchester PPC Conversion Tracking

The only clear way to see how your PPC campaign is performing is by setting up conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is a PPC management tool through Google Adwords which allows you to see what happens after a customer clicks on your ad.

If you are paying for clicks, then you should be interested in seeing what you are getting for your money. If you hire us as a PPC management company then we can set up conversion tracking to tell you certain things like; if a customer purchased something, signed an online enquiry form or if they simply downloaded something.

Manchester PPC conversion tracking is essential to understanding the success of your ad campaigns – if you are not currently utilising PPC conversion tracking then your ad spend could be wasted.

As a PPC agency in Manchester we understand the importance of seeing results and without understanding your conversions you are essentially blind in the world of online advertising, let us maximise the effectiveness of your PPC campaign and drive your results forward.

Competitor Analysis

One of the key aspects of our PPC audit is to analyse your competitors. As a professional digital agency in Manchester we have a whole range of software that we used to conduct an in depth analysis of your competitors. Through this software we can access information such as; the paid keywords they are using, their ad structures and how much they spend on keywords.
In conducting this important analysis, we can allow you to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to your PPC strategy.

PPC Manchester Reporting

We have an AdWords expert team. Here at Smarter Digital Marketing, we feel it is important for our clients to understand the progress of their PPC campaigns. For this reason, we will report back to you on how your campaign is progressing and will provide you with insight and analyse how your where your campaign performance is every step of the way.

If we are chosen as your PPC agency in Manchester then we can contact you as little or often as you would like, every client is different so however, you prefer to work we can collaborate with you on this. Talk to our AdWords management agency in Manchester. 

Getting Started with Your PPC Manchester Campaign

At Smarter Digital Marketing we believe everything starts with a conversation. If you are interested in hiring us as a PPC agency in Manchester, contact us today and we can get started on your PPC management as soon as possible.

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