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Link Building: How it works


Backlinks increase the authority and trustworthiness of your domain. When doing link outreach, you should make sure any referring domains are naturally created and should follow the EAT guidelines.

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

Domain Rating

Domain rating is a third party indicator of trust and strength. The higher the domain rating the higher the quality of the domain. Domain Rating is a third party indicator and is often used by SEO tools such as ahrefs.com and SEM Rush.

URL Rating

URL Rating is also another third party trust signal which aims to assign the URL of a website a score (the green indicator marked UR above). Increasing the volume and quality of backlinks to the URL should increase the URL rating and score.

Broken Link Building

Another tactic which is commonly used is broken link building, where a broken link on a website is found and replaced with a more relevant link. SEO Tools such as Ahrefs can identify internal broken links once the website has been crawled.

Media Links

Newspapers, highly trusted media sources and well-known industry blogs can provide a good source for link building. If an article is newsworthy, controversial or interesting to read it’s always possible to pitch the idea to a newspaper, such as The Guardian.

Local Link building

Local listings, local citations, business listings and directories can be great for building domain authority and trust metrics. They are also good sources to help build trust for Google Maps. To rank on the local snack pack results (google maps top 3 SERPs) you will need to build local citations with your NAP (name, address, phone number).

Low Quality Links

Any low quality links pointing to your website will be essentially “skipped over” and not rated by search engines like Google. In the past negative SEO attacks have taken place where SEO companies have intentionally targeted another websites’ link profile with malicious attempts to negatively impact their rank positions. This is now not so common as Google has learned about these negative SEO attacks and chose to ignore them.

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