Increase Social Media Engagement for Conversion Optimisation

In the present time, almost every business requires online marketing to excel in their industry niche. All the e-commerce business owners already know the value of social media for generating leads and for boosting the number of potential customers.

An E-commerce business is capable of reaching more customers than ever before. However, seeking potential social media traffic and higher conversions isn’t an easy task. Some online merchants are likely to generate great traffic, however, poor conversion rates. Others simply fail to generate any traffic whatsoever.

If you are going to setup your new e-business or revamp your existing business, then our top-notch key power tips for bringing you a great ROI, better social media traffic, and better conversions will help you achieve your goals. Let’s get started.

Use Visuals

It is understood that posts that just have text generally have no influence on the audience. Instead, posts with videos, images, and infographics incorporated into them are more influential.

Here, are some tips for how you can effectively produce visual content:

Employ Visually-Substantial Social Media Sites

Your usage and the content you post depends on the type of business you have, but regardless of the niche, visually appealing content has been known to generate more leads and covert better than written content. Make use of social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to boost engagement and conversions.

Instagram is best for your business if you want to make use of smart posting strategies such as employing hashtags and geotags, and using bio links, etc. Instagram is capable of driving huge amounts of visitors to your website who will eventually convert into your devoted customers.

Not limited to Instagram, using any social media channel is sure to bring about results.

Master the Ground of Visual Content

Now you know the value of visual content. Still, you need to master this ground by employing your visual content opportunistically. In simpler words, we mean to say that sometimes memes and/or video tutorials do well for your target audience and other times, images and/or infographics work better.

So, you have to be keen and cunning regarding what kind of visuals will be more effective depending on the varying situations. In addition, all the visuals you provide on your website must inspire all of your visitors to seek out your products. They should also be high quality images that are interesting to the readers you’re trying to engage

Employ A/B Testing

Split testing or A/B testing is a must for all online retailers. In this testing, two different variables are experimented to figure out which of the variables can drive more customers, traffic and conversions. From the content headlines to the website design, you can decide which variable is going to aid you in obtaining more sales. Here’s some things to remember:

Test Your Website Structure and Design

If you’re experiencing less conversions than expected, then there is a possibility that your website has some issues. It could be a problem that isn’t appealing to your visitors or making it hard for them to navigate. That said, your online website should be easy to navigate and should not have any obstacles or distractions when it comes to the checkout process.

Remember Smaller Changes

A/B testing is highly valuable for changing the titles of your blog posts because just changing the title can generate better clicks as well as shares¾which will eventually drive more traffic and also conversions.

Get Engaged With Your Audience

If you really want to boost your sales via social media platforms then get engaged with your followers and audience. If you start listening to them then they will develop their trust in you and become your loyal customers.

Attend to The Negative Reviews

Take negative reviews and criticism as constructive and positive. If you appropriately respond to your customers’ criticism then there are chances that they will become your faithful clients in the future. In addition to that, your image will be raised in the eyes of anyone who stumbles across such reviews.

Share Posts That Are Random

Random posts have a way to peak interest from your followers. The more random your post become, the more people will start to engage. Random posts can be anything from sharing a funny picture with a caption to asking a random question. People like to be included in fun random things, so why not try it to help improve your social media engagement.

Trigger Emotions

Emotional triggers can also help when it comes to improving overall engagement. A good example of this is from charities who share shocking, saddening, or fun posts that trigger an emotional response from people. Organisations such as this want the reaction because it could mean more donations to help their worthy causes. When triggering emotions use images, clever wording or support a cause.

Employ Keywords

Keywords are significant in today’s social media platform. They are capable of making or breaking a marketing campaign. Search for trendy keywords that are capable of driving conversions.

Use Hashtags

For your content’s visibility, hashtags have become essential these days. Using potential hashtags is likely to get your posts more likes, appeal to more followers, and bring in more customers. Employ popular and trendy hashtags by making them suitable for your particular industry niche.