Having top quality written content on your website is great for informing your visitors of the brand you are promoting. The more interesting and relevent your text, the better your incoming traffic ought to be. Yet if nobody sees or searches for it, who will read it? There can be more ways of driving traffic to your articles and homepages than just by seeking out organic searches through keyword targeting. Native advertising campaigns are a great, effective method of promoting your brand’s content. Below are our findings from one such recent campaign carried out here at Smarter Digital Marketing with the Taboola widget.

Our client required us to source an effective method of advertising their business across targeted areas of the UK through online methods. Settling on native advertisement with banner ads was a great start – visual impact, concise information, quick to read and easy to redirect users.

Monitor Statistics Overviews

When monitoring a native advertising campaign, it is important to ensure that each individual campaign is monitored daily for traffic. The campaign we began to process for our client focused on advertising one article through three different advertisements managed by us. Using the Taboola widget, we are able to keep track of the progress the campaigns make, and can see clearly the results day by day.

The statistics above show the day-by-day stats that you should monitor for your clients to ensure your campaign is running effectively. Campaigns can be paused to allow for others to gain more exposure if you have multiple running, and you can determine which campaigns bring the most success based on daily ratings shown in your overall stats. We can see here that the campaign took off very swiftly and views are high followed by good click-through rates. Clicks have been increasing day by day, and on average the conversion rates are also growing stronger. For the monitoring of your campaign’s efficiency, pay particular attention to conversion rates as we have done.

Comprehending Conversion Rates

The most important statistic in any native advertising campaign is going to be your conversion rate. This can be said for any type of advertising you do, so it is a fairly universal necessity in the advertising world. By definition, your conversion rates show the percentage of users who have clicked your advertisement, followed through the page to enter their information, and sent it to the website for the targeted reasons. Below is a table showing the statistics for our three campaign banners leading to an article of our client’s that has a Call-To-Action embedded in the content.

The first advertisement would appear to be the most impressive and useful in terms of the impressions (views on the webpages the advertisement features on) that it has gathered. Indeed, it has more than four times the impressions than the other two ads do. The click-through rate (CTR) is also the highest of the three, as are the number of clicks it has obtained. The second advertisement has far less clicks, but if we look to the conversion rate we can see it has actually been the most effective of the three.

In terms of statistics, the second ad has almost double the conversion rates of its’ competitor in the first banner, and given the smaller number of clicks it has obtained, it is the best for obtaining conversions. This is not to say that we should not take into account the number of impressions and clicks the first has obtained. Both are more than adequately fulfilling the client’s desire to have a working campaign that is actively driving more traffic towards their content and to fulfilling their conversion aims. We have successfully maintained for them a campaign that is working, and working well to bring them the exposure of their brand and content they need.

Take Click-Through Rates with a Pinch of Salt

Be smart when you are reading your CTR statistics. Take a look at your individual website statistics and see where your advertisement is gaining the most impressions. It is likely that they ought to bring the most clicks to you, however this is not always the case, and you should read your stats carefully.

Table indicating websites with highest impression rates

When viewing your impressions and CTR, be sure to view the stats surrounding them. Take our client for example and the top websites listed by CTR. They are listed as 100% CTR – which looks amazing, until you realise it was a single click. You shouldn’t take these values as anything more than the odd visit or two. The real stats you want are from the websites that bring you the best CTR and views. One of our client’s examples shows a website that gained their advertisement 1,167 impressions and an impressive 2.48% CTR from 29 clicks, well above other percentages on some competitor websites.

Native Advertising Benefits Your Client Conversions

Yellow – Clicks : Red – Impressions : Green – Conversion Rate

As you can see in the above chart, the overall statistics shown in our client’s campaign have been on the rise actively for the past month and seem to only be increasing, particularly when taking into account the increasing conversion rates against slightly falling impressions and clicks. Our client has enjoyed more exposure of their website and resulting increased traffic with the conversions they have been wanting to achieve.

Continuing to use native advertising can provide you with more conversions remains a reliable method of advertising your content with minimal management and real results. Smarter Digital Marketing can help set up your advertising campaign. For more information, Contact Us today.