Businesses all over the country are itching to get the wheels turning again, but how do you navigate the unexplored territory of serving consumers in a post-coronavirus world?

Scotland Shops Are Reopening

Non-essential shops in England have already started opening their doors back up to the public, seeing a wave of consumers that are helping to kickstart the British economy once more.

In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has set the reopen date for the 29th June, stating that businesses of any size can reopen, on the condition that they have outdoor entrances and exits.

This means that indoor shopping centres will remain closed until further notice.

Many business owners in Scotland are thrilled at this news, as this is the first step towards getting the economy back on track and getting people back to work.

For businesses that are reopening, the government has published a checklist for businesses to follow so that they can ensure the safety of their staff and customers.

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Guide For Business Reopening

First and foremost, businesses should familiarise themselves with the changes to lockdown measures and make sure they know what applies to them.

After this, they should examine all of their internal processes in detail to make sure that they can comply with the government checklist for reopening.

Then they will have to work through the following 5 steps for opening and serving the public safely:

  1. Carry out a Coronavirus risk assessment
  2. Set a new cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedure
  3. Work from home where possible
  4. Maintain the 2-meter social distancing rule
  5. Manage the transmission risk

Some businesses will find it easier than others to follow these steps, but there are new ways that you can make it easier to implement them.

Advice For Shops Reopening

Shops such as cafes and retailers are being encouraged to limit the number of customers inside their store, as well as suspending activities that contravene social distancing.

They are also being pushed towards new measures such as queue management, one-way customer flow and mandatory social distancing.

Cleaning must be done regularly to surfaces and spaces, especially places that see high amounts of customer traffic, with additional emphasis on trolleys and baskets.

One thing that the government is pushing hard is barriers between customers and workers, such as the plastic screens that are already being used in supermarkets.

If you are a small business like a cafe or takeaway, you can get customised screens for your doorway such as this one from Splintr who are an Edinburgh based shop outfitting company.

These screens allow you to manage the transmission risk when people are making purchases, in line with the government guidelines.

Bross Bagels in Portobello with their cheeky solution to contactless serving.

Kickstart Your Marketing Activities

Take it from us – marketing activities have slowed across all industries during the coronavirus – perhaps with exception of Instagram and Netflix.

Google ads PPC management is an area we specialise in, and advertising on the platform has taken a huge hit due to coronavirus.

However, in the last few weeks, we have started to see online PPC advertisement start to ramp up, as companies jostle for a position in the new business landscape.

Consumer spending habits are moving even more towards the online world, so if you can sell online then this is the way to go.

Moving Forward

Businesses need to adapt to their consumers’ demands and meet them with marketing campaigns that are most effective at this time.

Businesses should keep their social media platforms well stocked to keep consumers engaged in order to keep their business relevant as things go back to normal.

They should also be making as many parts of their business operations as they can online, such as meetings, forms, enquiries and so on.

When the coronavirus hit, experts warned that it could change the consumer landscape for good, and if businesses fail to adapt they will be left behind.

We have helped many businesses make the transition to the online world, so please get in touch if you want your business to keep moving forward.

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