Time and time again we see clients coming in the door having had awful experiences from local SEO suppliers in Glasgow.

I ask myself, what goes so horribly wrong every time?

9 times out of 10 it’s because the client has worked with a web developer for their SEO campaign.

Web developers are great at their jobs, although we tend to find that they do mess up when it comes to optimising your website for search engines.

There are small things web designers can do to prevent websites from being deemed unfriendly to search engines like Google.

Keyword research (market research online)

One of these is to use descriptive title tags.

This would involve keyword research to identify what your customers are searching.

Once this has been researched you can then add the keywords to your website.

You can actually do this yourself using Google Keyword Planner Tool

This is really the first step to market research online. And it can be done by anyone with a spare 5 minutes.

Remember: Once you have found the keywords add them to a list and track it, and also your website!

Looking at competitors

There’s plenty of tools like Ahrefs and SEM Rush where you can analyse competitor websites and find out extra keywords for your list.

Analysis on third party tools can be beneficial to your campaign efforts, so try and find why the rank, and what type of content your competition has on their landing pages. This is a great way to build more traffic to your pages.

External Links

Links are very important and should always be natural to your website.

A trusted website will have trusted sources linking to it.

It’s also a great way to build traffic to your website.

This is also something that won’t happen during the web design process.

Check your website with an SEO Audit in Glasgow – Only £199+vat

The best way to check your website health is to do a few quick checks, like having a look at your descriptions, code, URLs, metas, titles, images, server, backlinks, on-page content and Google business listing.

All of these checks will show where your website wins and loses.

Contact Brian Lonsdale at Smarter Digital Marketing for a website audit today and to discuss our SEO & Google Ad Packages.