One of the best ways to build your business is to build your database – your email database. It is a great tool to have at your disposal and allows you to send out regular, relevant information about your services, products and keep your customers up to date with your products and services.

With over 2 million emails sent very minute in the UK, it is getting more difficult to get stable sign up’s to your email marketing campaign as peoples inbox’s are getting flooded with more and more spam. It is very important that you sell your company in the right way and attract the only appropriate and perspective clients. Below are some of the top tips to build you email database and grow your business.

Studies have shown that UK adults spend an average of 8 hours and 41 minutes everyday on their phones and media devices – this gives you big window of time to throughout the day to target your customers, but it is vitally important that you are offering them something that they want to hear about, so follow these top tips and grow your database.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Firstly, I want to outline the importance and benefits of building a large email database and why you should start now if you haven’t already.

  • Not everyone has Facebook and Twitter, but everyone in the world has email – this gives you a huge audience to play to, and depending on how committed you are to the cause, you have the potential to build a huge database.
  • It helps you to communicate with your target audience directly and to prospective clients who are actually interested in what you have to say. (Since they are the ones that opted in to your email marketing campaign.)
  • An email newsletter or blog subscription is very easy for those who are less tech savvy to keep up to date with your business; you are putting the information right in front of their eyes when sent out in an email.
  • Emails can be used to promote your new social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and also promote new services or offers you may have. With email marketing you have no limit to what you can say in your emails, the content is entirely up to you and this gives you much more freedom and room for creativity.
  • You have control over this database and how you get people to sign up. Unlike Facebook and Twitter who change their user settings frequently, you have 100% access to your database and have no risk of someone else taking control over it.
  • Email sign ups are free for the signee and low cost for you to send out email marketing campaigns.
  • Email sign ups are a great way to track different how well your digital marketing strategies are doing – have they driven people to come to your website and sign up?
  • I feel they are more effective in some cases, than Facebook and Twitter – people read or at least glance at all of their emails (unless they are clearly spam) but with Twitter for example, you get notifications every time someone posts or when a topic is trending and it becomes too much that you don’t see every post, you start to skim through. With an email, you have more chance that more of your content will be seen.

Increase Your Email Sign Up Conversion Rate

They are several key strategies that you can follow to manage your sign ups and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

  • Most important of all, you need to make sure you are targeting the right audience – if you don’t you will get little to no sign up’s, and if you do, the bounce back is likely to be very high as they have no interest in what you are sending them.
  • Have a data collection strategy in place for your business – this allows you to set targets and track how successful your email marketing campaign has been.
  • Be enthusiastic about what your are offering and grab the potential subscriber with good, fluid content.
  • Have a large call to action button on your website so that consumer are drawn to ‘do something’ and sign up. Make the button large and obvious, but not of putting. Clearly outline what they are about to sign up to ad what should they should expect. People hate signing up to something to realise its irrelevant to them and will immediately unsubscribe.
  • What’s in it for them? You need to make sure that you are offering the prospective signees something in return for signing up to your email database. Without undermining your brand, offer the consumer an incentive or 2 and free, relevant content – never underestimate the importance of reader value.
  • Make sure you time your email campaigns appropriately. It is estimated that 90% of all emails, which are sent out, are spam, so your content has to be 100% relevant, appropriate and reliable. Duing sign up, it is also very useful to outline to the consumer how often they will receive your email/newsletter/blog feed .eg. Sign up for our weekly newsletter.
  • Make sure you test how your email campaign looks – catchy designs, easy to navigate and scroll through and are optimised for use on mobiles.
  • Experiment with different email templates and lay outs to determine which one is most successful in obtaining the higher number of sign ups. Also change the day and time of when you send out the emails and track at which points in the day your email is opened most or when people visit your website to sign up. Monitor the appropriate platforms and take action from there.

Make sure to shape your e-mail campaigns based on target demographics and install a custom tracking URL and always A/B test. Don’t kill your conversion rate.

Start today and follow these simple tips. You will see your email signup conversion increase dramatically and will be on your way to building a large email database.