How do you find the best Instagram influencers in your niche?

Well for many people this would usually involve manually searching through thousands of accounts to come up with a handful of users that you can then reach out to.

This approach is dated, limiting and quite frankly a huge waste of time.

We are here to show you a better way, using a clever little app called Combin.

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What Is Combin?

Combin is a well-established social media marketing tool, with a whole host of useful features that can help your grow your Instagram account.

Combin has a number of powerful tools, including:

  • Social media scheduler
  • Like and follow automation
  • Powerful search function

The search function is going to be the focus of this article, in particular in relation to finding Instagram influencers you can use for marketing opportunities that will enable you to get more Instagram followers.

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Using Combin to Find Instagram Influencers

If you are trying to push your Instagram status to new levels, you are going to have to work with the community to find your voice and gain authority.

Working with influencers is an important part of any marketing strategy, so it should never be overlooked.

There are several ways in which you can use Combin to search for influencers relevant to your account.

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Analyse Your Competitors Followers & Following

This approach involves looking into some competitor accounts and searching through their follower and following lists to find high profile influencer accounts.

  1. Load up Combin and hit the Search tab on the left-hand side.
  2. From Search, click Users at the top then choose Search by Followers or Following
  3. Click the Advanced tab and then you can tweak your settings to find the accounts that you want to see.
  4. Once you have clicked Find, you will be presented with accounts that meet your requirements.

This way you can quickly pick the accounts yourself, and even see an overview of the account to see if it fits in with your brand’s image.

combin instagram growth

Search for Popular Posts Via Hashtags & Locations

This is the classic way of finding Instagram influencers – searching through the most popular posts by targeting hashtags and locations.

However, with Combin, the process is quicker, easier and more effective.

  1. From the dashboard, click Search then click Posts.
  2. Then type in hashtags and locations that you want to target.
  3. Specify your settings using the Likes count, Comments count and follower/following counts.
  4. Click Find and look through the results to find your perfect Influencers.

Remember to screen the accounts carefully and look for key engagement factors such as the number of comments, quality of content and frequency of posts.


combin hashtag search

Search Influencer Bios

The last approach you can use is to search through Instagram bios for key terms that influencers might use, such as ‘influencer’ ‘representative’ ‘ambassador’ ‘model’ etc.

  1. Go to the Search tab and click Users, then select Search by Bio.
  2. Type in your chosen search term and hit Find.
  3. You can then filter your results and hover over them to find the best accounts for you.

One thing to note is Search by Bio is limited in the number of searches it can present.


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Advice for Finding the Best Influencers

There are a few things that you should consider when you are searching for influencers to represent your brand.

Remember that just because an account has a large following doesn’t necessarily mean that is it a good fit for your business.

For one thing, the followers could be a collection of bots and fake accounts, so make sure that the follower count matches the engagement that the account is getting.

The next thing you should check is if the account gets a consistent level of likes and comments on each post, as this will indicate the general health of the account more so than the follower count.

If the account checks out and you decide to reach out to them, make sure the account is managed by a legitimate person who has good communication, or you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Lastly, remember that preparation is key, and while it may seem like a good idea to just put the same pitch to lots of accounts, try to research each account first and tailor your pitch to the specific account.