SMS marketing campaigns refer to those ads and marketing activities companies complete through sending out text messages. With the rising use of and dependence of people on smartphones, the effectivity of SMS strategies has increased as well simply because, now, it has a lot more reach. For companies that choose to go for SMS marketing strategies, they’ve got more assurance now that their campaigns are going to get read.

However, despite this fact, there’s also not a hundred percent certainty that your SMS marketing strategy will turn out to be effective all the time. With so many companies going for this form of marketing, the danger is that your text message might be perceived as annoying by the recipients, hence could also be deleted right away even before opening and reading the message. When this piles up, that right there could also be wasted money on a marketing campaign that didn’t turn out to be effective.

There are several things you can do to start developing a good SMS marketing strategy, and some of these include:

Understand What People Are Looking For

Researching is an effective way of finding out what people are looking for, such as what products and services they need.

Use the Google search engine to see what people are searching for on the Internet as this will give you a better idea of where your target audience is coming from. If you find that your target audience is more likely to search for the keyword you’re using, then that’s the best way to find out. You may be able to do some preliminary research on the web before getting started to get a feel of the way people search.

Going through this research process is very insightful as it can assure you that whatever promotional texts you send get their fancy. Recipients are more likely to read text messages, save them, and go through them again to make a purchase when they’re about products and services that they want to have.


Form An SMS Marketing Team

As its name implies, an SMS marketing team is one that’s comprised of members solely dedicated to the task of completing and coming up with your business’s SMS marketing campaigns.

Especially when you’re going for a large-scale operation, you’ve got to understand that there’s no way for you to simply DIY.

You need to have a team of experts who truly specialize on SMS marketing and who will employ text message marketing software.

Other members of your team could also include:

Understand Your Customers

Apart from studying what your customers are looking for, you’ve also got to understand your customers themselves.

This can best be done through having a customer relationship management software in place. With this kind of software, you have a means of studying your location-based demographics, and even the customer purchase history.

Moving forward, once these pieces of information are at your disposal, you can then group your clients into different market segments.

That way, you can successfully have targeted promotions based on the specific preferences of each customer group.


text message campaign


Get Straight To The Point

SMS marketing isn’t the place for you to fill up on flowery words. Rather, you have to be very clear about the message you’re trying to send out.

This means going straight to the point.

Remember that you’ve only got 160 words to get your message across, so you have to make the most out of this.

Here are some tips you can follow in this regard:

  • Use plain English words, or avoid overly technical and difficult terms that not everyone may understand.
  • Never use open-ended messages.

With regard to using open-ended messages, an example is when you’re sending an SMS to advertise about a sale. Be sure you end your message with specifications of the sale period.

Doing this will avoid any confusion or wrong interpretation.

Don’t Forget Your Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is one way to increase customer engagement through your text marketing campaigns. Remember that this is exactly what you’d want to have as a result of your SMS campaigns.

The goals are for your customers to be engaged, act on these messages, value these messages, and to interact with your campaigns.

Here are some of the common examples on how you can incorporate a call-to-action:

  • Showing the text message you sent to your restaurant or store for a discount upon checkout
  • A text-to-win campaign that will give your customers a chance to win prizes.


These tactics may only be few, but they’re sure-fire ways to ensure the success of your SMS marketing strategies. All these considered, however, do remember this very important word of advice: don’t expect results to happen overnight.

While popular and highly effective, SMS marketing works just like any other campaign, such that effort is highly needed for you to be a master at it. So, patience and hard work are paramount.