Create a Successful Twitter Strategy

Social media is important, we know it, and we have heard it quite a few times. However, what makes Twitter important? Why should a business should join social platforms? What benefit does it have?

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Twitter is important, but before dwelling on why Twitter is important for your business, it makes more sense to know the platform inside out. You should know what makes this platform unique.

The Pew Research Centre report highlights key points regarding Twitter use:

  • Nearly 23% of all internet users use Twitter
  • 20% of the entire online adults use this social network
  • Users in urban centres are more likely to use it than those in rural parts
  • 30% of the total online urban users use it while this percentage for suburban and rural areas dip to 21% and 15% respectively

The study clearly demonstrates the impact Twitter has worldwide. Businesses can take joy in the fact that younger adults use this unique platform more and this is where they can make an impact and serve their purpose the best. After all, one in every ten online adults under 60 is a user of Twitter.

From the above, it’s quite clear that businesses can’t afford to ignore social media. Ignoring social media means missing out on a massive opportunity to build the base and grow the business.

Why your business should not ignore Twitter:

  • It has 320 million active users worldwide
  • It receives 1 billion unique visits on a monthly basis
  • 80% of its active users are on mobile
  • It supports over 35 global languages
  • 79% of accounts are outside the US

The data above is a clear indicator of why a business should have a strategy in place. Twitter is one of those rare social media platforms that give your business an opportunity to engage with target audience in real-time.

Benefits of using Twitter   

A business stands to gain a lot by leveraging Twitter. A growing number of business entities, both big and small, are now joining this ever-growing platform in the hope of building their customer base and reaching to more users in the process. Unsurprisingly, they are succeeding! Businesses should make use ofTwitter to:

  • Connect with customers
  • Connect and interact with existing customers
  • Win followers, update them about business, build relationships and build brand awareness
  • Update, educate, inform, entertain and engage users and target audience through regular posts or information
  • Make a business profile and make new products or services
  • Collect users’ feedback about the business and leverage survey and feedback for customer interaction
  • Join conversations, track what people discuss about your business
  • Launch special offers and discounts to boost sales
  • Keep an eye on competitors and stay ahead of the curve

A strategy for your business

We can clearly see how Twitter is important for a business and how it can be successful when used in the right way. A business should know the ways to leverage this platform in the most effective way possible.

Listen what your audience wants

Conversations are happening on Twitter all the time. You can join them to share your own views or add value to them by joining in the conversation with your customers.

The purpose is to understand what your audience wants, what are their motivations and what they need from you. The best strategy would be to listen to them strategically and to ‘speak their language’.

Have a consistent voice in conversations

One of the best strategies to adopt is to join in on customer conversations. You have to be part of conversations taking place to understand your users and their requirements.

You should maintain a consistent voice in conversations. After all, you are representing the business and spreading the brand messages to your users.

Never forget to respond 

Twitter is a kind of platform where consumers come in direct contact with businesses or.

A customer can share their view in the hope of getting listened to in a quick manner.

Your business will find its share of admirers and critics, therefore, you must come prepared with a solid strategy. Make sure to respond to each and every message sent to you, regardless of its content and intent.

Maximise the impact of your tweet 

It’s important to maximise the impact of your tweet so that more users can find your business and its message. Try tagging video, images and interesting infographics to keep users hooked. Repeat the tweet so that more impact can be created. Make sure that your tweet reaches as many users as possible on the platform.

Leverage hashtag with care

A hashtag (#) makes your tweet as beneficial as keywords in the content. When your tweet/s use a hashtag, it becomes more searchable as it joins a popular on-going conversation or becomes part of the latest trends. This strategy helps you reach out to even those users not in your circle.

Use Twitter Ads

Your business can reach a targeted audience through Twitter ads. The best part is that you can choose whom to target and whom not to. You can put your message in front of a large audience using paid Twitter ads.


In a nutshell, your business has to devise a solid strategy to benefit from social media in general, and Twitter in particular. The best way is to use proven social media marketing services or let experts guide your business forward.

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