As well as drawing the eye and engaging the viewer, an animation company can use custom animations and graphics to help promote your business brand. With customised graphics and animations, your business can convey the image it wants to in order to appeal to your target market.

Royalty Free Music

We know every customer is different. We will formulate and implement a tailored SEO strategy especially for your business.

Every good video needs a professionally recorded sound track to help set the tone for the video to help keep the viewer’s interest throughout the animation.

Each of our animated marketing videos will come with a royalty free music soundtrack that will engage your potential customer and keep them interested right until the end.

Delivered in HD Format

A video delivered in HD is the preferred format for businesses these days and there are many good reasons for this.

Videos that are recorded in HD offer a higher quality image, more vibrant colours, and they will appear much more natural as well; all of these features will help to get your message across with more clarity.

Video that is recorded in HD also tends to have a much better sound quality, which is also key for communicating your message.

What are the benefits of having a custom designed animated brand video?

The ability to share material is an extremely effective means of getting a brand name out there with little effort.

An animated video that is visually appealing is likely to be shared by people on social networks, thus helping to promote your business with little effort on your part.


A professionally created brand video from our Glasgow animation business can help to highlight your company’s creativity and engage customers, making them more likely to notice your business and make a purchase.


Branding is an imperative part of business promotion. A custom designed animated brand video can be an extremely effective part of a branding campaign and it is an affordable way of raising the profile of your company.

Getting the message over

Consumer’s lead busy lives these days and they often don’t have time to read through lengthy blog posts and articles – they just want to know what the message is and then get on with their day.

Presenting the information in animated form is an effective way to get a message over to your customer or website visitor while they are on the move, thus making your campaign more effective.

What some people still don’t realise is the positive effects that an animated marketing videos can have on SEO.

Research has shown that companies that use video animation as part of their digital marketing strategy are 53% more likely to get their site on the front page of Google.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! also place more value on websites that have video content, and this will further help to improve SEO and raise the site’s visibility.

If you are going to increase sales, then you need to improve customer engagement.

If you can hold a customer’s attention and help them to understand more about the product or service that you provide, then they are more likely to remember the brand and what it is your business has to offer.