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Rank higher and more importantly, stay higher.

We take control of your online marketing strategy and freshen things up.

Propose innovative new ideas, highlight areas for improvement, and ultimately increase your website’s traffic and revenue.

In order to keep that hot top spot on Google, you need a reliable SEO company in Glasgow.

Our digital marketing team understand all of Google’s historic algorithm updates, which is crucial to your websites SEO success.

Ultimately, constant optimisation for your specified keywords, you will experience a higher volume of web traffic; this in turn will boost your revenue and sales.

Every effective, successful digital agency in Glasgow should start with a strong SEO plan – a holistic approach which incorporates PR, social media, and sales.

Maintaining a good website is all down to creation of high-quality, relevant, and unique content that attract natural links.

Once we have discussed your content concept and timeline, we will ensure that the implementation in alignment with your business’ goals and objectives, as well as your specific requirements.

“Smarter Digital Marketing have increased our online revenue by 100% in only 3 months”

– Polly, MS Mugs

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Online Marketing Case Study

“Been through a number of SEO candidates, and Smarter proved to be the most proficient and delivered what that they said and continue to do so. “They understand your business and tailor a solution for you that moulds to your company. Impressive and proficient and they deliver”

Johnathan Goldstone, Managing Director,
Repairs By Post

Continued Growth

Our main goal is to generate increased organic traffic for your website.


We understand that every customer and business is different; as such, we will formulate and implement a tailored SEO strategy unique to your business using the following steps.

  • Analyse your market and your business and using industry standard tools.
  • Evaluate your competitors using our experience in the field of SEO services.
  • Using this data we will then create your unique strategy.

Take a look at an example of one of our case studies.

Setting up your SEO campaign

How do I use SEO to increase brand visibility online?

Our team concentrate on evaluating the  market which you are operating within. We focus on:

  • Exactly how it develops.
  • How consumers behave in order to shape your aims and objectives.
  • Your business’ online activity in order to deliver the internet marketing results which your business requires.

Successful campaign implementation will assist in focusing your search marketing objectives on achievable goals and to build a website which works in tandem with how the market behaves, operates, and grows,.

We look closely at how both customers and search engines interpret websites.

We focus on increasing the volume of conversions and stronger keyword rankings.

All of our strategies are implemented with care and forethought to achieve results.

Speak to one of our SEO consultants to start the discussion on your campaign ideas and thoughts.

Why Do You Need SEO Services?

Increased lead volume

Higher rank positions

Increased traffic levels

Get more exposure

SEO Analysis

How We Improve Your Website

The technical side of SEO is still the cornerstone of a successful strategy.

  • All new clients receive a SEO audit as part of their paid package to ensure there are no technical drawbacks with their site’s SEO optimisation.
  • We will recommend the best solutions to improve your website’s performance.
  • Our proposed alterations can be implemented by our in-house teams or alongside third-party development teams.

On-page SEO audits are important as they analyse your website and determine whether your website is fit for purpose or not.

Your website structure and content should be made accessible to search engines.

Our team of SEO consultants in Glasgow will check that your practices do not limit the crawling activities of search engines.

We will also check that there are no elements about your website which Google, or other search engines, could interpret as against their guidelines.

Our team uses a structured SEO audit system to check every area of your site.

This audit well help you understand how we will work towards ranking your website higher on Googles Search Results.

This system is cross-checked against best practices in the wider community to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date advice and relevant recommendations for your business’ website.

If you have any questions about the technical build of your website or feel that there may be drawbacks in your online strategy just get in touch.

What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO is a strategy for small , medium and large businesses.

This is where your business ranks on Google Maps and relevant traffic is then sent from these listings to your website.

  • External location signals
  • On-page elements
  • Inbound links
  • Social media signals

Google decides whether to show a local listing for a business and where to rank it on the “snack pack” (the top 3 listings) in organic search.

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