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Are you looking for a web designer in Edinburgh for your next project? Challenge us. We have created websites for customers across the UK and love hearing your website ideas.

Whether you are part of a startup business or are looking to improve your current website, we can create a web design package which is completely tailored to your needs.

Smarter Digital Marketing is at the forefront of not only the Scottish but also British digital services, which means your website is in the best hands. With Smarter Digital Marketing, you are talking to web design experts, feel free to ask us anything!

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Are You Updating Your Website Design in Edinburgh?

A web designer in Edinburgh can help you boost the success of your website. Responsive web design is the design of a website that alters depending on the platform it is viewed from – desktop, tablet, phone, or otherwise. With over 60 percent of consumers claiming they are more likely to use or buy from, a mobile-friendly website, responsive web design is an absolute necessity.

The way search engines display results is also changing. They now show different results depending on what platform you are searching from. This is at the forefront of our minds when our web developers in Edinburgh designing websites; all website design Scotland done by Smarter Digital Marketing is done with mobile design as a priority.

Changing your website design may be what your business needs to drive it forward and there are many reasons to invest in responsive web design in Edinburgh.

It’s New Age Web Design

Responsive website design in Edinburgh is one of the most powerful concepts currently available in web design. Responsive websites are better prepared for the future of e-commerce and digital marketing.

It Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

While the demand for responsive web design is growing, many businesses have yet to catch on. By having a responsive website, you have an edge over competitors.

It Standardises the Experience

No matter whether a user is viewing from a desktop or mobile design, responsive web design ensures that they have the same experience every time. Consistency is key to building brand image, making responsive web design a must. Our web development Edinburgh can audit your website within 7 days!

Responsive Sites Make for Less Maintenance

Our digital agency in Edinburgh can get your website up to speed. By having a responsive website, you remove the need to manage and maintain multiple sites for multiple platforms. This cuts down on maintenance time and as a consequence, maintenance costs

What is an E-Commerce Platform?

Similar to physical retail stores, e-commerce platforms are online storefronts where consumers can go to view, compare, and buy a product or service of their choosing. Infinitely expandable, they allow online merchants to list just about anything they wish in an online inventory.

Due to the rise of the internet and mobile platforms, the e-commerce market has grown exponentially over the past decade, and future projections show it to increase even more over the coming years. A large part of this is due to its convenience and accessibility; these are areas small businesses have struggled with traditionally, making it an indispensable aspect of their business plan. Our web design Edinburgh team can help your business.

An e-commerce platform is a system designed to allow the sale of goods or services through a website. With a large majority of sales now being driven through online means, e-commerce has never been more crucial to the success of a business. If you have any questions about this a member of our web design Edinburgh team would be happy to talk you through it.

Web Maintenance Edinburgh

Do You Need a Web Maintenance Company?

A website should never be static and should be constantly changing to cater for the demands of the modern day consumer. This allows them to have the best possible experience when they visit a website. You don’t want to lose valuable customers due to downtime, broken links, or other performance issues as this can send your potential customers to a competitor, so let Smarter Digital Marketing manage your website maintenance and help keep your business/organisation one step ahead.

Benefits of Website Maintenance in Edinburgh

There are numerous reasons why you want to make sure that your website is well maintained by our web design Edinburgh team:

  • A website that is constantly updated will rank better on the search engines and make your site easier to find.
  • A site that ranks well on the search engines will naturally attract more visitors and help to create more interest in your product, service, or organisation.
  • A website that is well maintained will convey a professional image and show visitors you are serious about doing business.
  • A poorly maintained website with broken links, out of date information, and which performs badly, will give a poor impression to potential customers, and will often result in them seeking out a
  • When a site is regularly maintained and updated to include the latest features it helps your website to perform at is optimum level, thus giving your visitor the best possible experience.

Website Maintenance Services in Edinburgh

Our digital marketing agency provides a complete range of affordable website maintenance services in Edinburgh including, but not limited to:

  • Updates: These will include content and image updates, as well as picture optimisation, and updates to improve the function and look of the site.
  • Design: We can integrate website forms, banners, and slideshows, links to all of your social media pages, Google Maps, and we can also create a mobile app so that you can meet the demands of the growing needs of mobile users.
  • Upgrades: Our web design Edinburgh agency will ensure that your website is always up-to-date with the latest software patches and upgrades to ensure the smooth running and security of your site.

Looking A Web Developer in Edinburgh?

We have a web developer in Edinburgh that can help you with your project. No matter what you are looking for, our Edinburgh web design agency can help you create something which will help your business operation run smoother.  If your business is upgrading its technology, we would be more than happy to help you.

  • We can build anything your business needs, from custom database projects to Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs).
  • We can integrate your existing system with a new system (for example POS) or simply change your entire workflow.
  • You may want to transform your paperwork into digital forms and automate your business processes to save time or money
  • We can build your project from the beginning or start off from where you currently are.
  • Custom projects can help reduce staff costs, time and make your business much more efficient.

Our software development team can work on any type of custom integration project, for example, integrating your business leads into a CRM via an API. Custom integrations usually involve various programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript,NET and C++ / C#. Our team can also integrate payment gateways and other advanced projects.

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